Xbox is going on a diet ...

I have an X-Box 360, and love gaming, unfortunatley me and my consoles relationship is strained right now due to me not being a student anymore. Seriously I miss the poor guy, sitting in my room gathering dust. But seeing the new X-Box slim and the PS3 slim make's me go a bit weak at the knee's, they do look sexy.



Swagger Like Us Part 2

2 things to point out before I start this post

1) yep I said I didn't like the first song that much
2) there is very little reason to blog about music unless you have heard it

but I've just seen the line up of the Swagger Like Us remix which is meant to be on the Blueprint 3

Andre 3000
Young Jeezy

God damn that's a line up,
anyone missing?
who has enough swagger to rival that line up?


& No Bizzi...check that Car...Peugeot & Porsche Colab...P.G.O.

Be Well.

When Swedish chicks go nuts...

Rarse. Keep watching until 1:08... it gets deep.

Swedish lady on drugs: "Call the Poooolice!"
Police lady who gets rushed: "We are the Police!"



Pull uuuuuuuup! Alternate Sunday Services...

This is toooooo much.

So is this...

Shottie bwoy for the link. Bless for the heads up!



Fuck The Rain Umbrella, available at Art. Lebedev Studio.

I'm more of a hoods up and run kind of girl if i'm honest, thats not to say i'm opposed to a good umbrella. Lets be real, it all depends on how much the barnet needs protecting on that particular day. I do have a secret disdain for men who carry umbrellas  though and I can't really explain this irrational dislike... but maybe it stems back to a date with a guy who had an umbrella, which was bad enough, but he didn't even attempt to share its protection when the rain came down. Dick head.

Lets just face it, i'm not even tempting fate, the rain is soon to come...

Fuck The Rain - SINK or SWIM?
Chivalry is dead [bit drastic I know] - Thoughts...


"Everyone Who Knew Me Before 9/11 Believes I'm Dead"

Three and a half years ago, Frank Warren handed out self-addressed postcards to strangers in his home town and asked them to post the cards back with a secret written on them. He recieved hundreds of responses. Even after he stopped handing out the postcards, Warren continued to recieve anonymous secrets from people all over the world.

I can't remember where I first read about the 'PostSecret' project (although I think I vaguely remember the submissions being published in The Guardian Weekend magazine) but watching this short film on BBC News the other week reminded me what an inspired idea it was/is.

Warren posts a selection of the secrets he receives every week on PostSecret.Com. If you have the urge to get something off your chest you can send your secret to:

Frank Warren
13345 Copper Ridge Rd
Germantown, MD

Or if that all sounds a bit long, you could always post it - anonymously or otherwise! - in the Comments section below. The perfect way to offload some emotional baggage on a Monday afternoon.


140 Grime St.

The new Kano album '140 Grime St' dropped today and I am gonna buy it. I don't buy CDs on a regular like I used to, but judging by the sound of 'Hustler', this should be a BIG album.

Here is the tracklisting:
140 Grime St
Hunting We Will Go Ft Ghetto
These Mcs Ft Skepta
We Gangsta
Anywhere We Go Ft Wiley
Missing Me
Seems Like Things Have Changed
Don't Come Around Here
I Stand By It
Soldier Ft Mikey J
I Like It
Off Licence
Too Advanced
Aim For The Sky

Thoughts? Are you gonna buy it?


It's Cindi Mayweather!

Do you think I care if this is anywhere else? We got nothing but LOVE for J Monae! If I could hold a decent note then my first video would look something like this...

Janelle Monae- Many Moons
Waited to long for this!

Civil rights, civil war
Hood rat, crack whore
Carefree, nightclub
Closet drunk, bathtub
Outcast, weirdo
Stepchild, freak show
Black girl, bad hair
Broad nose, cold stare
Tap shoes, Broadway
Tuxedo, holiday
Creative black, Love song
Stupid words, erased song
Gun shots, orange house
Dead man walking with a dirty mouth
Spoiled milk, stale bread
Welfare, bubonic plague
Record deal, light bulb
Keep back kid not corporate thug
Breast cancer, common cold
HIV, lost hope
Overweight, self esteem
Misfit, broken dream
Fish tank, small bowl
Closed minded, dark hold
Cybergirl, droid control
Get away now they trying to steal your soul
Microphone, one stage
Tomboy, outrage
Street fight, bloody war
Instigators, third floor
Promiscuous child, broken heart
STD, quarentine
Heroin user, coke head
Final chapter, death bed
Plastic sweat, metal skin
Metallic tears, mannequin
Carefree, night club
Closet drunk, bathtub
White house, Jim Crow
Dirty lies, my regards

Gotta love her

Plaid too far?

We all love a bit of plaid. Tartan and plaid play happily together like siamese twins. D & G have in layman terms smacked it with their A/W 2008. No don't go and break your piggy's little porcelain feet, get vintage shopping and cop your own used one!


These ads have been knocking around for a while now and I'm undecided. I love me a bit of granny chic. But how appealing would a girl be with a scarf on her head? Mmm?


R.I.P. Mr Newman

Hey Ladies, Kaws x Marc Jacobs

Kaws x Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats. The collaboration is to mark the 10th anniversary of Marc Jacobs mouse flats. 
With Kaws finally doing something for the girls, this is a partnership that in theory, could promise so much... But in the end it has left me disappointed. I'm calling these shoes out as ugly. 
Collaboration fever has gone crazy and in many instances the results are weak. People are going to have to come stronger than this to make me part with my hard earned student loan money, lol. 
Have your say. 
Do these Kaws x Marc Jacobs shoes SINK or SWIM?
props : highsnobiety 


Paul Newman
January 26, 1925 - September 26, 2008

How to Trick Your Girl into Watching Porn

Shamelessly jacked from Trinotron. Absolute must-watch.



We called the C.I.A!!!

4's up!

Is that even a word?

Synecdoche New York
Is the new film from Charlie Kauffman (Eternal Sunshine, Adaptation) and stars the legend that is Philip Seymour-Hoffman. The film looks bizarre to say the least and during the trail I had points were I was wondering if it was too eclectic but when I saw the moment with the rose and the final line ... I'm in.

It's showing at the BFI Film Festival but all the tickets are gone already... have to wait for your local arthouse cinema I reckon.

Patrick Stump Covers Kanye

Check out the Fall Out Boy's version of Love Lockdown here

Ghetto - Sing For Me

New video from Ghetto, it's a cool video, defiantly his best yet quality wise.

Freedom of Speech was huge -
but can he follow it up?
What do you think of the tune?
What do you think of the video?

In short...





Be Well.


...well here is something I found on line...'Zombie Strippers'

Robert Englund & Jenna Jameson...for real...this is no Joke.

Hey I love Jenna & Robert Englund...I am gonna see this piece of Trash just for the hell of it...


Be Well.


No luck right now, gets dropped by his label and offers to play a charity gig in the UK only to be picked up in the airport for some unexplained reason...


Read the rather sketchy details here

Do you think he had to give the chain back?

The Muppets x Kanye West


OK not quite, but Kanye West and Rhymefest have been commissioned to write a pilot for a Muppet-based musical comedy. The comedy should be going out on comedy central where Yeezy and Rhymefest will be credited as Executive Producers! Crazy Right.

The show will feature a presenter each week, like the Muppets, and is going to be directed by South Park writer John Kimmel.

So people...SINK or SWIM?


In The News Today...

Above is the design for new identity cards as unveiled by home secretary Jacqui Smith earlier today.

Ministers are arguing that...
The cards will boost national security, tackle identity fraud, prevent illegal working and improve border controls.
But opponents say ID cards are unnecessary, costly and impinge liberty. There are also fears about the security of personal data after a string of government data loss blunders.
From 2011 everyone over the age of 16 applying for a passport will have their details added to a national identity register. Which will include such private data as fingerprint records and i'm speculating on such details as favourite ice cream flavour.
Apart from the fact that in all my current ID pictures I look a bit like a monster, I'm leaning towards the introduction of these cards. If only it was that simple though.
Read a little more here.
Thoughts people. Does this make you feel angry? Are you apathetic towards the whole thing?

TO ID or NOT to ID...? that is the question.


NEXT on ATCN: Drums Of Death

I have been wanting to post up about Drums Of Death for a while but I thought i'd wait until the EP dropped... now it's finally here. It's too much! Really, reaaally sick. DOD's track 'Breathe' has been on heavy rotation for the largest part of the summer and I am still not bored of it. Breathe's stabbing techno keys combined with a baseline that sounds like it's been sucked through a hoover gets me everytime. The EP has been released via tastemaker label, Greco-Roman Records. Drums Of Death killed at Glastonbury this year and will no doubt kill it at every other festival in 2009. Drums Of Death is currently supporting Hot Chip on their US Tour. Look out for this Scotsman, he has definately got NEXT!

Check out his music here.
If you like what you hear, go and buy the EP here.

(Below - Drums Of Death E.P. Cover)

Thoughts? NEXT?


Couldnt have said it better myself...

Some people hate...

And some just dont get it...

Props: Illdoctrine


Its all about the adlibs!


Tickets available from www.seetickets.com
Are you a fan?

Snowman almost loses his cool..

Although myself and Vis are called the troublemakers of radio and we do like to have fun with our guests (sometimes at their expense) we've never REALLY upset a guest (except Rihanna). But this guy looks like he's about to send Young Jeezy over the edge. Not a smart move.

Jazzy Belle

Andre 3000 is still my favourite rapper (alive)...

Here comes the storm!

Just as I get my swagger upped with my Blackberry Bold here comes that next shit! The touch screen Blackberry Storm! PISSED!!!


Pardon the HILARIOUS pun, real talk...To chino or not to chino?
Cop these Haversack Pleated Chino's for a mere £179 at OKI-NI


When I found out that Katy Perry was the daughter of two pastors I always wondered what their reaction to her ode to that moment when a young impressionable girl allowed her deep dark thoughts of lesbianism to get the better of her. Until now. LOL

Am I alone in thinking it's a little uncomfortable having girls as young 8 & 9 singing a song about kissing a girl and liking it?

Or am i just getting old?

Episode 56...

The one where Carrie's laptop dies. Now its quite easy for lady folk to find a suitable Sex And The City reference for an array of everyday and some not so everyday occurrences. But this one was no joking matter to be discussed with the girls, instead, it cut deep and I went straight into mourning.

Yesterday my little mac book took a turn for the worse, with no warning or previous bad health, its hard drive crashed and everything was lost, uni work, photos...music. I've got a 20,000 word essay that thankfully exists on paper, but needs to become re digitalized. £50 for anybody willing to retype it. Nahh, didn't think so. I'm just thankful the little shit decided to die a month within warranty time.

Anyway, I just need to put it out there. BACK UP YO SHIT! People keep asking me why didn't I back up. Who backs up their stuff? I definitely didn't. Nobody tells you to back up until its too late.

I at least got a good TV deja vu out of it... when you think something has happened to you or a friend before. Only to realize it was actually witnessed on tv. I get frequent Peep Show inspired moments of this kind. Unquestionably sad, I know. But don't front like its never happened to you before.

To Back Up or Risk Tears ?



I won't lie: I'm excited. Who's with me?

Kidz In The Hall ft Estelle - Love Hangover

I dig this ... and her collab with Gym Class Heroes - Guilty as Charged

Thoughts people...

Sink or Swim?

Loaded With Meaning

A new exhibition from London-based street artist T.Magic.

Opens this Friday at Brick Lane's The Loading Bay Gallery.

Over 40 new pieces of photography, sculpture, painting and silk screens.

11am-7pm, every day until 5th October. Free entry.

Come check it out!


Swagger like Puff?

The streets is watching. lol