Episode 56...

The one where Carrie's laptop dies. Now its quite easy for lady folk to find a suitable Sex And The City reference for an array of everyday and some not so everyday occurrences. But this one was no joking matter to be discussed with the girls, instead, it cut deep and I went straight into mourning.

Yesterday my little mac book took a turn for the worse, with no warning or previous bad health, its hard drive crashed and everything was lost, uni work, photos...music. I've got a 20,000 word essay that thankfully exists on paper, but needs to become re digitalized. £50 for anybody willing to retype it. Nahh, didn't think so. I'm just thankful the little shit decided to die a month within warranty time.

Anyway, I just need to put it out there. BACK UP YO SHIT! People keep asking me why didn't I back up. Who backs up their stuff? I definitely didn't. Nobody tells you to back up until its too late.

I at least got a good TV deja vu out of it... when you think something has happened to you or a friend before. Only to realize it was actually witnessed on tv. I get frequent Peep Show inspired moments of this kind. Unquestionably sad, I know. But don't front like its never happened to you before.

To Back Up or Risk Tears ?



bafic said...

WOW i dont know what to say...dont you use time machine?

bafic said...

Specks are you kidding?


SPECKS said...

oh yeah, that thing that asked you to set a master password... and i didnt.

time machine is useless if your entire hard drive and machine dies anyway. right?

Booga said...

Awww!- that's rough! I used to type my friends essays for $, but 20,000 words?!- good luck with that.
And, yes, there is a SITC reference for EVERY situation!

Godfrey said...

Woahh thats serious i was in the apple store the other day, one of the helpers were like the battery has 300 (say a year) circles then after that you have to buy another battery

my battery is soo week now days : (

you should go check the apple store and see what they say or call them up or something hopefully they can sort out the HD (i think they maybe able to)


SPECKS said...

after a sleepless night, the mac store was my first call. they are the ones who told me the bad news, that nothing could be retrieved.

i'll get an empty version of my laptop back in 4 days. until then i'm back to my trusty imac.

MAC. love or hate?

bafic said...

Mac love
im hoping to buy my first iMac in december/january!

clav said...

Don't go to the Apple Store Specks, that's the WORST place you could go - seriously!!! Most of the morons that work in there haven't got the first idea. A Mac hard drive is like any other and there are many 3rd parties who can retrieve data for you. Unless your drive caught on fire or was submerged in acid you can DEFINITELY get the data back - and I know whereof I speak having had the same thing happen to me last year (fortunately, 80% of my joint was backed up!).

The question is can you afford to pay to get your whole drive restored? Failing that, if there's something on there you just HAVE to have then they can just get that (it's also a LOT cheaper that way!) for you.

If you need more info then pm me, I'll hook you up.

clav said...

Aaaaaarrrrgggghhh, I just read the last part of your last post - what the hell have those fools done!?!?!?

If you can, get your joint back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!

Nick Lewis said...

I lost everything off of my external drive! It's taken me months to get over it, soo much tv, film, music, pictures and essays gone forever. I haven't attempted to go through and download everything i lost, or buy another external drive. BUT in future, I will buy my external drives in pairs and back up EVERYTHING. I lost soo much, I feel your pain. As Onyx once said in a totally different context "Back Da Fuck Up"

yeahisaidit said...

i'm very sorry to hear about your Mac, if it were me i'd kill myself.

ps. I love Peep Show, anyone seen Gunny?

Amanda said...

lol I saw this episode about a month ago and it freaked me out! i'm now terrified of getting a sad mac, ha. I reallyyyy need to back up my laptop

Im sorry yours died! :(

There are scanners you can get now where you scan your work in and it puts it into a word document .. i've got one and it worked when I lost the computer copy of my gcse work ..

SPECKS said...


the pain just gets worse.

brazen said...


You bummed that Mac nuff and look what it did to you! That bastard!

Em said...
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Em said...

Happened to me way too many times and I still haven't learnt. I keep meaning to buy an external hard drive.

And call me crazy but I would type that essay for you for £50, without a doubt.

Phoebe said...

Strangely enough, I just got round to buying an external hard drive today- my Mac kept telling me the 'Start Up disc was almost full' so I freaked out and finally shelled out the seventy quid.

Losing all the stuff on my laptop would be an absolute nightmare. 8,000 MP3s and 3,000 photos (no wonder it runs like a snail.)

I feel for ya, Specks. :-( Good luck with the typing.

Anonymous said...

with regards to you 20k essay on paper, you can scan it using a special software that converts the scan into a word doc.


saved me many a time.


Anonymous said...

specks, you can go into a good computer shop and they can retreive all your files for a small price. My mate lost 500 GB on his external hard drive but got 450 GB retrieved for £40

Ella said...

I really should buy an external drive but I can think so much more I could spend that money on. I'll have to get one though cos I don't know what I'd do if my baby died. I remember when my PC passed away.all the songs I lost... sad times.

sienna said...

always e-mail essays/ important docs to your e-mail account silly!