Swagger Like Us Part 2

2 things to point out before I start this post

1) yep I said I didn't like the first song that much
2) there is very little reason to blog about music unless you have heard it

but I've just seen the line up of the Swagger Like Us remix which is meant to be on the Blueprint 3

Andre 3000
Young Jeezy

God damn that's a line up,
anyone missing?
who has enough swagger to rival that line up?


Anonymous said...

should have put 50 on it

Adam Gwilt said...

DJ Premier

Track - Classic

I think that answers the question.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

master shorty

I hear he has a nice rope chain

Unknown said...


Classic is a great record,

I'm a sucker for Bun B I know his flow isn't up there with the others but his Swagger is nice, and if it was just Swagger and not skill Swizz Beats has it in spades

Ace said...

Not sure Jeezy should be on this.

Unknown said...

real talk Jeezy is no rapper but his swagger is undeniable.

Luke GK said...

Classic is an amazing record.

That is the right line-up for the 2nd instalment of swagger like us. They have covered everyone. But Version 3 = Bun B, The Game and Luda. THATS MY CHOICE!

ps. A UK version?

Who's got that swagger?

Kano is the only one with real swagger. Maybe Diz.

Anonymous said...


Now that is some swagger. Disagree?

Luke GK said...

T.I was on the last one u idiot.

Anonymous said...

@anon KRS, Nas, Rakim, Premo and Ye already done (wouldn't complain at another though!)

Gotta take Jeezy out of that, put Ye, TI on it! And for a bit of a trow back Bid Daddy Kane,swagger for days!

Anonymous said...

Idiot! Thats a bit harsh, no wonder most people think your a prick.

Anonymous said...

Dadda Lumbe should be on an African 1.

Ghana STAND UP. (& dance Eh he)

WOWPOP said...

GK we all think your a prick!!! thats so funny, hit them with your swagger

@ anon.. fix up

Luke GK said...

I am a bit of a prick to be honest. I just generally don't like people.

Anonymous said...


G.k your tooooo funny

Forget clipse its all about pusher T

Luke GK said...

Pusher T has got swagger.

ps. i thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. "Pusha T Push-a-ton". Pusha is Oh so serious. As for taking Jeezy Off for T.I? Never that.

I Got some serious beats, anyone wants some? www.issueoneonline.com

Anonymous said...

everybody know who the king of the coke flow be!