Big Bout Ya! - ATCN IN NYC AND J.A

Well what can I say? NY via JA. Words cannot describe the whirlwind trip that I had. BK always shows love and Marcy just feels like home.

I missed out on a perfectly good night out on my first night in NY by falling asleep in a hammock in a Brazilian bar. Then was saved the next night at a DJ Premiere party although I could barely keep my eyes open. Stopped by to see the Retro Kids and was supposed to meet Stells also wanted to swing by Talib Kweli's video shoot it was all too much. I had less than 48 hours to see everyone. I felt like Anika Rice minus the fluorescent jumpsuits.

Unfortunately with the complexities of styling a show and trying to be photographer meant I was left with only a few pictures. Ah well. While I wasn't working I was eating!

Trust me I merked everything on that table!

The Designers Ball held at Strawberry Hill. The view had my jaw on the bloody floor.


Yeah yeah I did some work...Actually I was shattered.
Sheena at just fourteen, killed the catwalk.
Watch out for this up and coming JA model...

Beach Bum

On the flip. Jamaica although with its great qualities that we all like to benefit from and all those Sandals goers who never leave their hotel, jam down is still very depressed and deprived. As Capelton said in Tour..the richer get richer and the poorer get poor. After fashion week I stayed with my Family in Marvely after living it up in New Kingston it was the harsh reality I had forgotten. I slept with one eye open and was ready to duck under my bed at any given moment. But all in all it is where my childhood memories are, it will forever be nostalgic...

Damian Marley puts it into perspective...

Reunited, and it feels so good - ATCN IN CANADA

Haha, after almost one year spent living in Toronto, I'm finally back home.

First and foremost... big up the midlands. I never realized the brummie accent was so, SO god damn awful. I was shocked and delighted all at once by the sounds of my home town. What an accent!!!!

I left for Canada with one bag, I returned with eight huge ones. Do the math, thats is a lot of shopping. Thank you student loan. It's almost time to grow up and get a real job... I know many of you feel the same.

Here are a couple of snaps from the last couple of weeks...

My little brother and parents came out to see Toronto and help get all my bags home...

The bro, mama rach and daddy steve. Always reppin Family First...

My pops at Niagara falls... looking kinda fresh for an old timer.

Who's been to Niagara falls... Impressed or a let down?

My little brother, number 23 - THE GREATEST.
From basketball to baseball. Baseball = possibly the shittest sport ever. Toronto Blue Jays vs Angels.
I will miss Toronto, its a great city, when its not minus 30 and buried in 3 feet of snow, downtown is only 10 minutes away from beautiful beaches. That is my kind of city...
Birmingham is on the up though.... fact... And when all else fails - the greatest city in the world LONDON, is just a stones throw away.

Those who are jetting off this summer - ENJOY. Phoebe and Biz I hope it rains... I kid. Me... i'm hanging around the mean streets of birmingham for a while. Midlands don't be quiet now... BNTL Midland representatives ... where you at?

PS JUST CAUGHT UP WITH THE FIRST 5 NEW EPISODES OF PEEP SHOW! check the niagara falls reference in tonight's episode. GREAT, GREAT TV!

Mark "I don't think I've ever done sex right before."

who else is watching peep?

Mikkey Halsted


Is the truth! Not only is he FINE talented as all hell, but there is no gimmicks or recycled rubbish we get every other day, just real pure Hip Hop!

Download Success Here off of his upcoming Mixtape

Check out his Myspace!



Proud Galleries, Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road, Camden

See you there?
Have a good weekend ATCN readers!


ATCN IN MIAMI (part 1)

When i said i wanted a salad i really didn't expect a plate with enough food to feed three villages with scraps for their pets! and before you ask, yes i did clean the plate boyyyy!

why is everything so much bigger over the pond?

Delano lift like a space ship!

more pics coming soon...


Record of the Week - Tha Carter III Snippets

So while No Bizzi suns it up in Miami i'm in charge of ROTW!!!
If you have been a reader of ATCN for a while then you'll know that I have been raining praise on one Dwayne Carter all year. The Carter III is about to drop and in the next 24 hours the album is going to leak in a big way. Get ahead of the crowd by checking out snippets from the album on the right hand side of the page now.

What do you reckon?

Wayne - the messiah or a mess?

The Carter III - Classic or crap?

Sink or swim?



I almost threw my macbook out the window today I was so excited. So I come home from work... go on to Facebook...

eat some food...
then I get an email....
and it had an attachment...



And preem coming left field with this sick beat...
IF you don't nod your head to this track you have NO EAR FOR MUSIC!!!


If you got a good system turn it up


TEAM PRIMO (Member since 1991)


The Evolution

She is now officially as wacked out as Michael Jackson, congrats Kim!

How did it go wrong?
Where did it go wrong?
Biggies death?
Her prison sentence?


'Til the Hot Runs Cold' – Word To Mother


On a wall in Brighton:

MF DOOM. I love this!

'Til the Hot Runs Cold' is an exhibition that has just opened in the StolenSpace Gallery that showcases work from illustrator & graffiti artist, WORD TO MOTHER. This is his second show at the Stolen Space Gallery to date which features spray paint and acryllic on wood, canvas and various bits of abandoned street furniture.

WORD TO MOTHER works closely with D*Face and his work just gets better and better. Im not just saying this because he is a good friend of mine - I admire his craft and attention to detail. His work playfully documents social situations such as tea drinking and fights between the man dem on road. The wood canvases that he paints on are usually sourced from his birthplace in Hastings, England. Understanding that the found objects have a past life, WORD TO MOTHER then re-uses the findings in another way to give them another use - whilst still managing to retain their raw texture and colour. He cites J. Dilla, Dog the Bounty Hunter and his sister as his main influences.



The WORD TO MOTHER 'Til the Hot Runs Cold' exhibition is on from:

25th May - 18th June 2008

Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
United Kingdom



Names Shaniqua and what!


N-dubs "ouch"....riiiight

Sink or Swim


She gets CARRIE Fever

Its HERE PEOPLE! Its finally flippin here! I'm so excited I think my head may explode! I'm unable to see it until Friday so if any you kind folks are off to see it before then let me know your thoughts on it.. just don't give away the ending!

Just for Fours

So the suns out...well for five minutes (here in Grey ass LDN) and the ATCN ladies are doing their best to take over the wonderful world of Vans.

Ladies, is the lure of comfort and all round ease to wear steering you further and further away from the high pitched whistle (only women can hear) spat out by a new high heeled shiny shoe?

I'm confused.



Tropic Thunder

Jack Black,
Ben Stiller,
Steve Coogan and
Robert Downey Jr !!!

Potential classic ?

Sink or Swim?


Top Notch.....

No point saying anything else... just watch this man dance... TOP NOTCH!!!!

Yes Yes... PLUG 1, PLUG 2!

De La Soul's very own POS and DAVE aka SODA BOYS are DJing at TRAFFIC this FRIDAY aka PAYDAY (for most) 30th MAY..

Back in '99

Way before life had chores, there was...

I'm currently trying to pack a years worth of life into very big bags and return to England. 

Today I blasted TLCs fanmail, one of the first CDs I saved up to buy, then got rejected from woolworths because it was parental advisory and I was too young -  I had to send my big sister back the next day to make the purchase [all made in coins]. TLC, for me are classic, when you can state albums and not just singles - Think Oooooooh ... on The TLC Tip and CrazySexyCool. 

Lets talk the albums / artists you absolutely killed as a youth. 

My pick... 
Artist: TLC 
Album: Fanmail 
Standout Track: I'm Good At Being Bad. 
With Lyrics Like: "A good man is so hard to find. Well, actually, a hard man is so good to find"

Maybe a bit too much when I was 12 years old, but hey... I turned out ok.

Maybe you can still listen and enjoy your pick, maybe you need to hang your head in shame. Either way, we all have that stand out album with every lyric and ad-lib memorized.

Top 5 girl bands? Do TLC get a feature?

Busta's what it is right now...

for me anyway. I took myself down to the O2 and let Spliff Star and Busta Rhymes entertain me for a couple hours, needless to say the crowd was HYPE

I was going through my photos of them, and just looking at their antics brings a big smile to my face, hopefully it does the same for you, for those who didn't go here's a few...

(NOTE: that's not my pink claw running up Busta's leg)


It takes a real man to admit he admires another man...
It takes a real man to admit he wants to hang out with another grown man just because he seems cool...

But it takes a real man to admit he has a man crush. A man crush on someone so fucking cool that just being in thier presence during darts or a beer swilling round of pool pushes the man points into the triple figures.

This is really gay...
but bare with me

Man crush exhibit A:

Look at the tash!

i mean really

Have i just lost your respect?


Once in a lifetime...

do you get a moment like this...

Chuck D, Flava Flav, The Bomb Squad and DJ Semtex

Public Enemy were in the UK to play a series of shows paying tribute to their classic It Takes a Nation of Millions...

I found myself backstage with Semtex doing an interview with the guys that was jaw dropping. The guys were on fire, snapping on each other, laughing and joking hard. When Nation came out I was 8 years old and it was probably 10 years later that I really got on the album but when you are there and Chuck is preaching and Flava is wisecracking you come to realise what a crazy combination these two are. During the 40 mins we spent chatting Chuck spoke with authority about the Obama campaign and his hopes for the US, whilst Flava had us rolling with laughter waxing lyrical about a time he borrowed some Manc DJ's car and drove it on the wrong side of the road and ended up destroying it!!!

The full interview will be up on semtextv real soon but you can catch more pictures here and info here

I ended up missing the show because of a bunch of drama but at least I got this moment oh and a signed nation album!!!

To boob or not to boob

So Lily is doing it but ladies will you?

The topless sunbathing movement is on the decline and I am honestly disgusted by that!
I, like fellow ATCN contributor Phoebe will be in Miami next week and the thought of zero areola is making me ill...

To boob or not to boob?


New Common!

Universal Mind Control-DOWNLOAD HERE

So this is Common's first single off of his new album Invincible Summer, produced by Pharell. I personally like it! I think I read somewhere that on this album he wants to make the people dance and judging by this, I think he may have done it! But don't listen to my opinion Common could release an album of bagpipe music and I'd love it!

Thoughts folks.. SINK or SWIM?

Miami Heat

Please excuse my recent lack of bloggage....

Have spent the last couple of weeks holed up in the British Library in preparation for my final Uni exam, which was yesterday morning. Of course according to Sod's fucking Law, I also came down with the flu on Monday so unfortunately I haven't even had a chance to celebrate my newfound freedom by drinking tequila shots and waking up with a traffic cone in my room like any normal student. In fact, the only thing that is keeping me going right now is the fact that this time on Monday, I'll be living the good life in one of my favourite places on God's green Earth: Miami Beach, bitchessssssss!!

My Dad moved out there about four years ago now and so I haven't really been on holiday anywhere else since. It was the 'in' place to go a few years back, then the interest seemed to die down a bit, but this Summer it seems like everyone and their Nan is looking forward to indulging in a bit of Miami vice...

Any ATCN readers also planning on heading out to the Sunshine State this Summer?

Or will you be throwing up your gun fingers in Napa?
Watching the sunset at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza?
Rambling down Las Ramblas in Barcelona?
Sun-worshipping in St. Tropez?
Enjoying some 'herbal refreshments' at a cafe in 'Dam?
Sipping a frozen margarita at a block party in Brooklyn?
Or keeping it real with a bucket and spade in Brighton?

In short: Where is the holiday destination of Summer '08?

Never seen anything like it... EVER!!!

Oprah must be doing
something right....

Look at what happens when she says something about the topic
"Oprah's favorite things 2008"

What it is... Oprah reveals what she feels is the hottest items for this summer Which include sandals from H&M....


Nothing else...


They don't get anything...

they don't win anything...

they just get to see what Oprah thinks is the hottest items for this summer...

I saw this on the Hundreds blog... Top notch post... I cant believe what happens...



A few weeks ago I came across this amaaaazing brand called Princess of the Posse! Based in New York, the brand is a mixture of "Streetwear with High-end sensibilities"

Now their collection is not that big at the moment but the few pieces they have I have fallen in love with... go check them out and if the spirit catches you buy online at Karma Loop.

Mr W