Fuck The Rain Umbrella, available at Art. Lebedev Studio.

I'm more of a hoods up and run kind of girl if i'm honest, thats not to say i'm opposed to a good umbrella. Lets be real, it all depends on how much the barnet needs protecting on that particular day. I do have a secret disdain for men who carry umbrellas  though and I can't really explain this irrational dislike... but maybe it stems back to a date with a guy who had an umbrella, which was bad enough, but he didn't even attempt to share its protection when the rain came down. Dick head.

Lets just face it, i'm not even tempting fate, the rain is soon to come...

Fuck The Rain - SINK or SWIM?
Chivalry is dead [bit drastic I know] - Thoughts...



Ginger Kid said...

You havent seen Illsun's umbrella courtesy of Biz. It's an umbrella meets golf club. Its classy.

But yeah umbrella's are shit, except for that one.

And Chivilary is dead, but I am keeping it alive. I try to be a gentleman when I can. Hold doors open, offer my jacket. You know, it's them little things that count.

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

I think this is big.

clav said...

Personally I'm more interested in the Porsche in the second picture.

The brolly is nice enough though but why does everyone hate on rain? If we didn't have any we'd be like, well, most of central Africa! Not a good look surely?

clav said...

Actually scratch that about the Porsche. on closer inspection it isn't!

Anonymous said...

LOL at clav.

sick umbrella