140 Grime St.

The new Kano album '140 Grime St' dropped today and I am gonna buy it. I don't buy CDs on a regular like I used to, but judging by the sound of 'Hustler', this should be a BIG album.

Here is the tracklisting:
140 Grime St
Hunting We Will Go Ft Ghetto
These Mcs Ft Skepta
We Gangsta
Anywhere We Go Ft Wiley
Missing Me
Seems Like Things Have Changed
Don't Come Around Here
I Stand By It
Soldier Ft Mikey J
I Like It
Off Licence
Too Advanced
Aim For The Sky

Thoughts? Are you gonna buy it?



louisehaynes said...

I got given it on a cassette tape a couple of weeks back. Gutted I couldn't listen to it as I have no idea what to do with them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yep gonna cop dat! Who's goin to the show tommorrow at 02..? Wiley (hopefully) , Skepta, Ghetto & Kano all on stage together..gonna be big!!

*William Adam said...

cassette tape
i might gwet this one but i was let down by the last one so im unsure

Anonymous said...

copped it this mornin, had a little peep at it wen i got bak from college. sounds heavy! different from the others, but still kano, so its big!

Ginger Kid said...

Yup that gig at the indigo02 is gonna be huge!!!

Just so you know, its no longer Skepta, the whole of Boy Better Know are there. BIG!

And the album, is rather good, still not home sweet home, which is classic. But a good grime album from the best spitter in the UK!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the album is heavy!!!!! copped it today!


Anonymous said...

copped this lastnight, gotta be honest i dont like it.

1. Home Sweet Home
2. MC No.1
3. London Town
4. 140 Grime St.

It's like that, and that's the way it is ni**a

nate said...

its the biggest grime album to hit the road. UK artist are stepping up their game!!!

Anonymous said...

no im not.