Jigga What?

Michael Eavis founder of Glastonbury Festival gave an interview to the Guardian yesterday regarding next years Glastonbury. And I'm gonna be honest, it disheartened me.

"Rapper Jay-Z triumphs in headline spot, but Eavis says risk too great to repeat.

Glastonbury festival will 'revisit its musical roots' next year with guitar-based bands returning to the headline slots. The move comes after the controversial decision to select the US rapper Jay-Z as the main headline act at this year's event.
Organisers are now considering Coldplay and Radiohead for next summer, bands that have delivered renowned festival performances.
The decision to abandon the experiment with more diverse headliners is likely to confound the music press, widely believed to have been won over by the rapper's show at the event. The hip-hop artist was warmly received by fans and sceptics alike yesterday. "

So what? Nothing was learnt from Jay-Z's performance at Glastonbury? That maybe Hip-Hop does deserve a place on the main-stage at Glasto? Apparently not.

Click Here for the full article.

I think next years three headliners should be Coldplay, Kanye West and Radiohead, now thats a festival that will sell-out in hours.


Ginger Kid

Vula got next


If you have any doubts about vocal talent in the UK, Vula will end all arguments with one riff. After the catchy ass "oh my gosh" via the Jaxx, Vula is finally about to do it on her own with If You Want It.

Post performance I'll be dj-ing as well as Basement Jaxx so make sure you pass through.
I'm pretty sure the tribe will be down in full effect too...

This, The Cool Kids AND the Insa show...what a Tuesday


Next Please!?

With so much female talent in the UK right now, alot of people are starting to point fingers at who they think are next. Alot of fingers a waving towards Cock N' Bull Kid, but I am gonna buck the trend and wave my finger towards Croydon.

GoldieLocks has produced for the likes of Tinchy Stryder, Mutya Buena, Example, Shy Child and Frisco. She has been described as 'the missing grimey member of The Sugababes'. Who do you think is next? Cock N' Bull Kid, GoldieLocks, Miss Odd Kid, Neon Hitch, your mum?

See her Myspace Here

Ginger Kid

What once was...

What happened to this girl?

What went wrong?


WALE - 'Artistic Integrity'

Wale = The Truth?

If you don't know much about this dude READ UP HERE

and download his flippin AMAAAZING mixtape 'The Mixtape about Nothing' Here

I Don't Normally Wear Puma But...

Sneaker freaker got me about to convert!
You like the Shark?
Sink or swim


Little Bit of Gold and a pager?

Then get to this....please leave all rope chains at home.


Kanye is a £@%&!

She said: “Let’s hear it for Jay-Z. The man has got bollocks to come here, and play the tunes you don’t even know. Imagine if it was a cunt like Kanye West. ‘Cunts like Kanye’ - that should be his next album title.”

Read the FULL STORY here

UPDATE: Kanye responded!

Did Jay-Z Pull It Off?

I'm listening to the performance on 1Xtra and Radio 1 and it does sound big and the audacity of the man to walk on to Wonderwall is amazing...

But what do you reckon did he kill it they way we all hoped?

Check the BBC I Player
Listen again on 1Xtra

Get an opinion and get involved
Sink or Swim???



Keep your eye on ATCN or TMI for more info...


I nearly cried...V did!

If this picture of Sacha Chang a.k.a Lil Red from Into the hoods now showing at the Novello Theatre isn't enough to get you down there YOU NEED HELP.

We went, we skanked, and V cried!
Go and support real British talent.

You been yet?


R Kelly is taking the ....

His new tune is called Playas Get Lonely Too

I have never been a big fan of the masked pervert but lyrically the guy is having a laugh with this...

When I get bored I spend a couple of G's...

Catch it quickly as Jive have been taking links down all night

Thoughts holla at your Kels hater




To Glastonbury? or not to Glastonbury ?

The bookies have put Jay-Z at 3-1 odds of getting booed off stage at this year's Glastonbury on Saturday night. Now I'm not a betting man, but I find it very hard to believe that will happen despite all the uproar about him headlining the festival this year.

Me being well connected and all, I managed to speak to one of my peeps at Rocafella on my 1Xtra radio show and got the hook up on what might be the style of Jay-Z's performance this weekend. Take a listen...

What do you think guys can Jay-Z pull this one off?

Holla @me


Fly as Ivan Jasper

Please dear Jesus let me find a man on the streets of London fly enough to rock these!

The pics above are taken from Dior Hommes winter 2008/09 collection called Lumiere du Nord Collection

Are these going to far a la Pharrels man purse?


Blackberry / i Phone Clutch Purse

Fashion + function.

Sink or swim?

Props: Thecoolhunter

Imperious Rex A.K.A The new spot!!

Comic fans will think I'm going geeky with this post but i assure you this isn't about Submariner. If you haven't been on-line or hit the actual shop in east London you need to get with Imperious Rex. I took Matt a.k.a Mr BNTL down there a little while back and doors were closed. whereas this week my plastic took a burning due to the fashion god smiling down on me LOL. With brands like Flying coffin, Mishka, Alien, Milkcrate, Durkl and all the other brands we struggle to find in the big smoke hanging arrogantly side by side,
I think you could call this spot a real London gem.

Hang tight super accommodating Tcee!

Big up Jude and Jason...Small world boy!

Get shopping people!

Check em out
75 Roman Road
E2 0QN


Alwayz Recording

Easy people, its your boy Vis one half of the trouble makers "Ace & Vis" And yes it's official I am the newest member of ATCN.

From now on I'll be letting you know what's popping in my world, the very fast, manic and often reckless life of Vis.

Starting with last night, after my radio show I went down to the "Alwayz Recording" studio which is the recording home of some of the UK`s top MC's including Wretch 32, Chipmunk, Scorcher and Double S to name a few.

Wretch 32 and Scorcher was putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming solo albums, but as usual there is always time to take a few photos LOL.

Whilst working on their solo albums Scorcher and Wretch spontaneously decided to recorded a couple of freestyles.

I managed to nick one of them for you guys!!! So Take a listen and let us know what you think?

Props to the Alwayz Recording crew,
Appropriately named as I didn’t get out of there till 6am!!!


'Simply Beautiful'

Maxwell performs the classic 'Simply Beautiful' for the BET tribute to Al Green!

I SWEAR I just threw my knickers at the screen when this came on! I'm actually breathless right now! When is he going to make another album? Why does he insist on making appearances and dropping snippets of songs! I swear childbirth has been on the decline since this guys been out of the game!


Where Do I Go...

Unreleased Lupe Fiasco - "Where Do I go"

Anyone that doesn't fucks with Lupe and thinks he's "soft" take a listen he's a BEAST!



Sign Of The Times


“I have pretty eclectic tastes,” Obama says of his musical interests.

“I am troubled sometimes by the misogyny and materialism of a lot of rap lyrics,” the senator continued, “but I think the genius of the art form has shifted the culture and helped to desegregate music.”



To see the video click here ....YOU MAY THROW UP!

A very twisted Biz

The cans festival Fig.2

If your new to tribe you may have missed the photos i posted of the cans festival a little while back. It really was an amazing day out. Check out that post HERE.

If you did see that post, here is an even better chance to get a look at The best street art exhibition ever to be seen in London.

was you there?


pray to the sun god

Festival season is upon us and I did not realise Glastonbury was SO big.

I'm off to Glastonbury this afternoon... After an earlier debate on atcn regarding the controversy I think i'm the only fool with bags packed - its already raining and I'm not filled with confidence. i'm not a lover of mud or camping. But i'm intrigued and the Jay-Z controversy is going to be something to witness. Having caught Jay live a couple times before, I know I'm in for a great show... but will the kids at glastonbury have their diamonds in the air??? And is this good for HipHop? We'll see...

Our very own Dels will also be gracing a glastonbury stage... so we have a couple tribers representing. If anybody else is going, keep a look out for me participating in slave labour behind the beer stands... just throw up your fours to recieve a free drink.


This week i have been mostly...

Called a N*E*R*D by some American blokes...

Checked in on some unfinished business....

Thrown up in my mouth after seeing what a removed mole looks like

Given my laces some metal love! Sink or swim

On a very dramatic looking night, had dinner with Illsun and phoebe...

Eventually they represented!

Been given the sickest gift by Specks THANKS!!!!

Got the writing bug after hanging with old friend Zawe (see the full outfit HERE)

Been given possibly the most amazing game EVER! Rock band!!
Big up Dan who kicked my ass on the drums

Yes thats a very confused me acting like i know what I'm doing!

All in all a quiet one...
Roll on next week!


Mod father

It ain't the Jam but i think its a flippin jam!

Paul Weller - Have you made up your mind

Sink or swim



These little beauties will hold all your favourite watches in a stylish and delightful


Snoop Dawgty Dawg ?

He needs to get a stronger prescription!

Seriously. What are we thinking here?

Bags of style.... hmm???

You may recognize Pharrell's purple Hermes tote ("Don't call it a murse... it's my travel bag")... as previously featured on ATCN, its back and Pharrell couldn't be prouder.

Paper Magazine in their June/July issue present the above Pharrell cover and in the interview they mainly talk about style, fashion, art and his interests. They also talk in detail about his purple Herm├Ęs travel bag, which has just appeared in the new Madonna video.

You can read the article in full over at Paper Magazine.

My theory that Pharrell was originally snapped carrying the bag for a lady friend has well and truly been squashed... and with it, his near perfect man score has just dropped 15 points. I can't have a man carrying a better bag than me....

Thoughts on the murse, and what is he keeping in there??? [don't say small thai boys]...

Sink or Swim?



Shake a leg with the tribe?

And if your busy that Sunday...

The first official ATCN party is coming to a venue in good old LDN on July the 5th...

you have been warned


Eagle eye

Is Shia LaBeouf fast becoming the next Tom hanks?



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See what we, you and randoms we meet wore daily!

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Bad ass baby puffa!

Sink or swim?


Why didnt i go to school here?

This is the architecturally acclaimed state-of-the-art Centre for Research in Film and Visual Media in London. It has opened its doors to you at 43 Gordon Square so you can finally see it for yourself. The Centre was specially designed to be used for teaching, research and conferences, and is equipped with a 70-seat cinema.


From the outside you would never know what this building is hiding but trust me its worth the adventure.