Is that even a word?

Synecdoche New York
Is the new film from Charlie Kauffman (Eternal Sunshine, Adaptation) and stars the legend that is Philip Seymour-Hoffman. The film looks bizarre to say the least and during the trail I had points were I was wondering if it was too eclectic but when I saw the moment with the rose and the final line ... I'm in.

It's showing at the BFI Film Festival but all the tickets are gone already... have to wait for your local arthouse cinema I reckon.


Booga said...

I absolutely adore adaptation, and eternal sunshine was nothing to sneeze at (though it didn't quite live up to the hype imo). I'll definitely be watching this.

illsun said...

I thought Eternal was amazing, i bought a copy this week as I've been listening to Jay Electronica loads recently and his version over the theme has me hooked.

Booga said...

Idk, I can't even pinpoint what it was about it that disappointed me. Maybe it was too built up, maybe I was too tired when I watched it. It kind of felt like a patchwork of various movies I had already seen, and I went into it expecting something that would really take me off guard.
I'll have to check out Jay E's theme, I like his stuff

illsun said...

Jay Electronica Mixtape:


Booga said...

good look