Giving thieves another reason to go through your rubbish.


NEW BUSTA - Don't Touch Me

Sorry about the poor rip guys! However I think you can still see the overall effect of the video.. it's a good look feels like Trevor circa 1996 when he had fun and didnt take steroids himself too seriously!


From the '0' photographic series:

From the 'DETOUR' photographic series:

From the 'Wrong' photographic series:

I think it captures the essence of American culture really well. Makes me laugh. :)

What do you think readers? Interesting photographer or nutter?

Y or N?


Gor-Blighty got some ACTION!

So you've all heard the debate about how UK artists don't get enough exposure and most find it hard to break the rest of the world.... but I ain't talking about music this time, I'm talking about the British Independent Film.. scene.

I went along to SENI 08 on Sunday to see a screening of a film which included my mate Leon Sua (the guy that teaches me all I know about "the skill of Shaolin!")
The film is UNDERGROUND a truely British film with British cast and crew, directed, co-produced and written by the very talented Chee Keong Cheung.
Cast includes some familiar faces, such as Danny John-Jules (Blade II and Red Dwarf), Joey Ansah (Bourne Ultimatum- he's the guy fighting Matt Damon in Morocco... SICK! ), and Doctor Legg from Eastenders! To name only a few, these guys don't take anything away from the rest of the cast however, as every member seems to put in their all, blood, sweat, tears the lot!

Underground was already released in seven countries last year, including the USA, Japan and Australia, it received an Honourable Mention award for Stunts at the prestigous Accolade Film Festival in California USA, but it is still yet to be officially released here in the UK.
Apparently quite a few big name/money film corporations were interested in it, but wanted to change some elements, such as the cast, to include people like Danny Dyer... nothing against Danny Boy, but if you watch the film you'll understand there is no need! The original cast do the film more than justice, and keeping them would no doubt prove that Britain has got some amazingly talented actors/screen fighters, who just need that exposure to hit the big time. So deals fell through as the director, quite rightly, wanted to keep his OG cast.

I've found some footage, to see for yourselves..

UNDERGROUND- The official US Trailer

Mark Strange stars in and co-produced the film, this is his compilation:

Oh, hold on, it get's better...

.... and that's just a teaser, it's well worth seeing the whole thing...... thoughts anyone?

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Sometimes unexpected combinations yield delightful results....and sometimes they really don't. Case in point: These skinny/baggy hybrid jeans, designed by some nutter at denim brand Soulful Commandoe. How wrong does the model's bum look in the top pic? 'Very wrong' is the answer to that. Very wrong indeed.

"The Wackness" and it really is!

Method man with a jamaican accent??
Ben Kingsley doing graffitti?
Mary Kate - Olsen taking Coke?

This straight to DVD gem is called "The Wackness" and couldn't have a more apt name!

...too harsh?

Am I getting soft??

The reality is most people work in jobs where the hobo look isn't appreciated, have girlfriends who don't appreciate face hugging a mammoth or generally have some sense of grooming. These things mean nothing to me...

I've been cultivating this bad boy for a couple of months now - it's a mixture of pure laziness and singledom but you can't knock it's beauty.
After the joys of chin stroking I had to face facts I was beginning to look homeless so I figured it was time to get myself sorted out so after a recommendation from Mr. Hudson's Myspace Blog I found my way down to Sharp's Barbershop in London.

I'm not really a massive grooming kinda guy but there was something very luxurious about spending an hour chatting football, and sitting with warm towels resting on your face.
The outcome? pretty good - shout to Paul

The debate in my head is now have I become too soft? Is this level of grooming too much or is the new level to be upheld?

Help me Tribers - have I become a Jessie?

Bart Hess – Re-shaping the human silhouette

Statement about the representation of the female body?

Cat burglars are not advised to raid yards in these crepes.

Skin explosions - taking excema to another level.

Office legs - 'Meet me at the photocopier?'

Legend has it that girls in Newcastle look like this (below)...
but I wouldn't know I have never been there. I don't discriminate.

There was little info about Bart Hess online but I found an interview with him on We make money not art. Here is a section of that interview that
introduces the artist and tells all about his influences/inspiration.

"I'm Bart Hess, I graduated a year ago from the Design Academy, Eindhoven in the Man and Identity department. This department looks at finding new materials, forecasting trends in fashion and culture. I have always had a fascination with photography, painting and fashion. Some people would say that I am shy and introvert, but when you see my work it reveals an opposite personality. I think I'm not so good at storytelling with words, but rather expressing myself with stories through images and visuals."

He also works with Lucy McRae (photographer) where he creates work in 'a primitive and limitless way.' It's interesting how the artists are discovering new ways to enchance the human body through using mundane materials. Their work touches upon the themes of 'genetic manipulation' and 'beauty expression.'

What do you think? Yes? NO?


props: Lucy and Bart


First time bloggin here so I thought i'd kick it off with this Kanye West 'Flashing Lights' remake.

It's random in every sense of the word.




I love these ceramic paper plates by virginia sin.
I want these ceramic paper plates by virginia sin.
I don't know why but i am pretty much positive my mother would be angered by these ceramic paper plates by virginia sin.

Good or bad buy?

Yes...or Noooooooooooo

Props: Design boom



Really Like This Chick

And before the Admin + others jump in with your lesbian insinuations...no, I don't mean in that way. My love for Kid Sister is based on a gut feeling I have that she's the type of lady you'd meet one night and be out with the next, getting smashed on Caipirinhas, dancing on tables and generally wreaking havoc. Not quite sure how the basis for this assumption was formed, but this clip she filmed for Karmaloop TV certainly confirmed that she is very much my kinda girl:

Few other things of interest I found on the site whilst avoiding writing revision notes on the Boer War (can you blame me?!)

- Guys/actual Lesbians might like this clip, which features a few of the female Karmaloop models filming the site's new ad.

- And for my Art Heads: A two-part interview with Shepard Fairey.
For Part ONE...Click HERE
For Part TWO...Click HERE


Monday maaadness

"You a hood skeezer I should squeeze ya for smokin all ma good reefa"

Download here ELZHI- SAVE YA

Estelle on LETTERMAN

Her performance is glorious and the live arrangement is ill! Plus ya girl looks fly as always!


This woman gave birth six weeks ago?!

I'm in shock. Halle Berry gave birth to her first child less than two months ago, and yet here she is at an event over the weekend looking like she's just been on a holiday in the Caribbean. Halle, like the ridiculously well-preserved Stacey Dash, is 42 YEARS OLD. What the fuck?!! These women need to share their secrets and fast cos they're putting 20 year olds like myself to shame.


Here are just a few of the many questions I ask myself on a daily basis..people help me out PLEASE!

why are there so many men in exsistance that dont know how to wash thier armpits?

why do the only men I get approached by smell like they have had a dead rat livin in their mouth for the last few months?

Why do men always feel it necessary to keep a relationship a secret at least for the first few months?

Why is it that two good people can never have a successful relationship, but two people that are fucked up as all hell manage to stay together for decades?

Why do men always try and use the same line on every woman "baby I dont wanna put it all the way in jus a little"?

Why do some men swear they are givin you the climax of your life when in all reality you could do it better your GODDAM self?

Why are women labelled golddiggers, if they want a man who has money and prospects?

why is it that 99.9 % of the men I come across lately have better eyebrows then me?

Why do I get approached by the shortest men in the world when Im damn near 5"8?

Why do all men think its acceptable just to come over to your house and chill! What happened to takin a girl out?

Im done for now when I think of some more I'll holla back folks!


Is it soul? powder pop? dance? soca? Hi life?

who cares!

It friggin makes the rectum quiver its that good.

The album is out in may 2008 and produced by bjorn from 'peter bjorn and john' which leads me to believe commercial success could be around the corner.

SWEEDEN STAND UP as for the first time in a long time i can scream the word NEXT as Lykke Li got that!


Get Familiar

I'm going to show some things that at first glance actually made me rip out a little bit of my hair. I have a habit of screaming at things I like.

I worked out on people, it's not such a good idea.

Ashish, who I stalk on a regular. (You will probably hear me talk about him alot.) He is the only designer who's stuff will get pulled off the rail and straight to the till. Get familiar. These cherries are doing alot.

Why did McQueen bring out my dream bag in purple! The Elvie. This bag is...
Ok I have no words. Lets just enjoy the glimmer of the crocodile leather. Aghh.
It's only £1,010.00. Bargain! I am scarily trying to justify this.

Crocodile feels good under my thumbs. Get Familiar.

Louise Goldin
. Knitwear Queen. She absolutely kills winter with her cashmere knits. But for summer she has done knitted swimsuits? Completely unjustifiable. But I ain't mad at it. Forget the pool I'm rocking this to Sainsbury's

Ok, so I have a matter of months before all this is completely irrelevant and we head into autumn winter collections. Damn you fashion seasons!

Can't Get Familiar

The demise of a style icon



Been meaning to post this for a while now,
Good old RAF SIMMONS Has been designing for Jill Sander but his Pocket shoe still makes the neck snap!

Looks like it has a "hide your weed pocket" to me...

Its good enough for the GQ man but is it good enough for you or your fella?

Rolex Sweep vs Timmy Mallet

If you haven't caught pace with the Rolex Sweep here is your chance to get in on the act with a instructional video from the Boy Better Know crew.

When I saw they had done this video I guessed it was gonna be pretty lame but the guys killed it by getting the original Mallet's Mallet don on himself to host the show.

Watch it's random but very funny ...

shout to Adele for the spot

"Stop singing my part now bay~bay"

So Mariah fucks up live on Good morning America in times square.
Do i mime? do i sing live? hahahaaaaaa

The best bit is when a poor backing singer tries to help out and mariah tells her off...IN SONG!

Ahh my best mate is amaaaazing



New LRG New Era...


Props: Karmaloop


he says something about tic tacs and kit kats in the hook...

Its the 'Blackout crew'...OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS??!!!


props: Prancehall

Legoland can piss off

So quite a few blogs posted Eddie Adam's famous Vietnam war photograph from 1968 months ago. But i just came across this recreation of 'lunch atop a skyscraper' by Charles Ebbets from 1932 and for the first time in a long time i actually LOL'd (i feel like a 12 year old girl typing that)

Someone needs to recreate the RUN DMC addidas shoes in the air photo in Lego! Now that would make me LOL...(sigh) im turning into someone who rinses internet jargon!

Big up pheobe




Cassette Playa




Packing it all in...

So im really behind on posting these and im skipping loads but screw it!

heres some of the shiznit thats been going down over the last two weeks...

So i was in Manchester hosting the World gaming champs, met some bloke called Wayne who was actually mad cool.

Apparently the whole Man U team laugh at Wes brown as he came out white on FIFA!


As ever went searching for things to buy (that i actually don't need) and i was successful...

Big up one of Manchester's few street wear spots RAN who were maaad helpful! Go check em out.

Hit the studio with T2 and mr BNTL came down ant took some snaps...

as did I

Another day another bunch a shit to do and heading east had me drive past the coolest gran in LDN...i wanna marry her

I bet she was listening to RZA.

Anyway, Ended up with Jordan and Q who were working really, really hard at the I.D spot in the be true show...

Big up q and his new dj gig...wow...LOL ima have to come play for 5 mins and just stare for 20!

Anyway our amazing noodles and green prawn curry...

Were made by this lady...