If you were there....you will understand!
shout to my spartans!
What a weekend....AROOFFFF

I Said Chew Dammit

There are so many cliches to be uttered here

but I'll go with don't bite off more than you can chew...

An unusual clash between a 6-foot (1.8m) alligator and a 13-foot (3.9m) python has left two of the deadliest predators dead in Florida's swamps.

The Burmese python tried to swallow its fearsome rival whole but then exploded.

I'm in Love with Tami Chynn

Find out more at bbc.co.uk/1xtra/

She had me at "Easy Peasy". ADORABLE!!

(Akon is such a knob, though.)

Who's Your Daddy?

D.I.Y Paternity Tests went on sale at over 4,000 Rite Aid pharmacies across the US yesterday.

Maury must be shitting himself.

Another one bites the dust...

T.I gets a year in jail and 1,500 hours of community service...

Lets face it, he's gonna do 6-8 in a secure wing and come out with a number 1 album

Worth it?

What a week

Estelle riding high at home... across the pond Leona Lewis is currently number ONE on the billboard hot 100.

Making a bit of history... It has been 21 years since a British female solo artist has achieved this milestone, not since Kim Wilde’s cover of the Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” in 1987.

Leona on Oprah earlier this week. You know this feature helped.

I like Leona Lewis, and i'm not ashamed to say, brit school stand up.

Good week? I think so.


Oh, you haven't heard? you weren't invited?....ahh well

Stick to the Day Job

So that Lola Luv chick from Kanye's video has decided to try her hand at acting and she is spectacularly good at it. If you don't believe me, just check out this trailer for her new film, 'Crazy Like A Fox' (what a title!)

See what I mean? The comedy performance of the year. Oh no, wait... Is this not supposed to be funny?


Ever had a conversation with someone and felt so stupid afterwards as you didn't know their name and was nonchalant, bordering on ignorant about their work?

Well that happened to me just the other day!

Big up Jason Jules and the rest of the Nike crew at the I.D Session last week. That friends is where i got chatting with MARK WARD and didn't realize!

I have gawked at his work from a far for years and when i finally met him didnt have a clue! LOL i even got him to send me an email with a link to his website...how dumb do i feel...


Nike do Bambi

Nike have been treating the ladies very well recently. Which means my shoe collection has grown beyond any reasonable size. Praise to the weak dollar.

Today I got given the Bambi Court Force Hi. Featuring laser pink… and PONY hair. A dove image is also seen on the ankle and insoles. I’m not sure how I feel about these – if I like them or not. Maybe they are called bambi because there is a possibility they will make me cry... all over again

The Bambi Court Force Hi is now available at select Nike accounts.


Now Estelle being the humble girl she is would never say it so i guess ill have to say it for her......SHUUUUUUUUUUT YA MOUT!!!!!!

That is all.

Monkey business

With a new kid screen printing T-shirts every week and calling themselves a clothing label its only right we here at ATCN ignore the weak and roll with the strong.
Ape Apparel is admittedly on the come up but deserves the light (dim yet honest in its intentions) this blog can shine its way.

With great graphics and dope new era's (i assume mine is in the post 7.1/4 please) im loving the swagger.

How many budget Roca wear wannabe's have come and gone in the last two years, and what with the popularity of "Street wear" going through the roof its only a matter of time before we see Stussy in Top shop.

So down with the swag i say...

Without a doubt these kids are NEXT!



Some people are destined, no expected to succeed. Some people blag it or just get daddy to hook it up. Whereas some people just can not be denied.
Tawiah is the latter...

Now I could talk about the brit school,
(naa I'm better than that)
I could talk about who she has toured with,
(too easy)
I could talk about how long I have been supporting / playing her music,
(low beggin')
But what I will do is shut up and just let you listen and discover what's real...

Click HERE for Tawiah's myspace and get the E.P In Jodi's bedroom on iTunes now


Michael Jackson Ain't Got Nothing On Me

The title is a lyric dropped by Skepta and Wiley at 1Xtra Live in Coventry. I almost spat my drink out when I heard them say it. Sadly I wasn't at the event so had the joy of listening to it on the radio instead. Yesterday I caught up with the footage which is filtering through and the image of Wiley doing the 'Rolex Skank' is one if the funniest things I have ever seen. Skepta clearly doesn't feel a way about it - in fact he looks like he's loving it but Wiley...

Dude looks like he has smelt something bad.

Wearing My Rolex is a big record and I'm hoping it does well but the dance...

contrary to Skepta's view I don't think Soulja Boy has to worry just yet.

Full footage here - big up Twin B


So Easter is here again and the feeling of getting older grows as my egg count this year was a grand total of one.

But as ever big sis Cotton made some incredible cakes and brought back the feeling of yester-year when people actually cared about my sugar intake come this time of year!

Tasted great and made better by the fact...

They looked like boobs...

Mad skills... Just when you thought you'd seen it all!

So for some reason (which only Biz will really understand), I was searching through the net regarding a certain FIFA Street 3 soccer game when I clicked on YouTube and came across this little gem. Now I'm no sports fan especially when it comes to football but even I had to say "Dayummmm!" when I saw this footage - capoeira mixed with a little parkour/gymnastic skill and football!?

Having recently returned from Brasil I can definitely say I'm sure such skills exist but this is quite unlike anything I got to see over there although I'm sure I'd have stumbled across something similar given enough time. Well check it out anyway... and fraff away dagnammit!

So dumb but it made me laugh...

There is no real point to this at all but something about it made me smile.

I have to decide whether to install it or is there a risk that I might knock my laptop off the table in a bid to reload the ATCN tune of the week??


After talking in length with a friend last night about HYPE WILLIAMS I checked him out today and was blown away by his extensive videography that is longer then your grand daddy's church trousers!

Remember "It Doesn't Matter" Wyclef featuring the Rock!!??!!


So with rumors that Hype is returning to feature films, following up the terrible scripted yet visually stunning Belly with 'BEAST'.

Is the music video pioneer finally about to make his mark or should he stick to what he does best...Three minutes of ass shaking?


What do we think...?

If you don't know....

...get to know...

London's Finest: FOOT PATROL is closing down.
(this ain't no april fool...fool!)

Most of you reading this will know already, because you're on it, and love all this online, blogging stuff.
But, if you're like me and only stare at a screen if you have to, you should know that one of the greatest trainer/sneaker spots in the world is about to close down.

Check out the closing statement: http://www.foot-patrol.com/

Oh yes... you did hear right... "Clearance Sale!" come in quick, bag yourself a bargin and experience what was, while you still can!

On behalf of myself, Wes and the "FP Crew" past and present, we want to thank everyone for your phone calls and kind words. It's always nice to see you guys pop in, even if you don't wanna buy anything (especially those we haven't seen for a while ;)

1 love

Is there room?

Run The Show Video

Kat Deluna "Run The Show" ft Busta Rhymes... is this just more major label CRAP?

Kat is an old friend of mine, which far from making me biased probably makes me a little more critical of stuff like this being released. Behind the product, Kat can sing and write... convinced?
The first single 'Whine Up" ft Elephant Man did well, you can check the video here. Then there was the song and video with Omarion. Akon is on to executive produce the album re-release... eurghh!!!
The Hype is growing... Thoughts.

Self Praise is No Praise no.2

My boy DJ Semtex caught up with Lil Wayne over the weekend. I know One will be up in arms at another Wayne post but I had to draw the ATCN readers here because even if you hate Wayne you have to watch the dude's intensity - It's another level

Semtex has a Lil Wayne Special marinating which'll be ready on April 25th get ready for it...

Food fight

I thought this was pretty cool...

What do you think?


It's true that the internet is changing our lives on so many different levels, some less obvious than others. This girl is one such example, called MRirian her Youtube channel of approximately 50 videos or so consists of her mainly doing, well, nothing! The crazy part is the amount of views she's seemed to accumulate and the notoriety she's gained as a result, she's the 59th most watched channel on Youtube of all time and now is being asked to appear on TV shows around the world. Here's one example of what she's about...

Madness, I tells thee!

Not my wife...

Just watch it. That is all.


I was walking home the other night, when I saw a poster that said FREE FOOD. Don’t judge me… I obviously went to investigate.

Inside Hentai was showing and sushi was provided. Strange indeed. For those that don’t know… In Japan "hentai" has a strong negative connotation, and is commonly used to mean "sexually perverted". It is extremely popular, which kind of worries me!!! In the West the term is used as slang for sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation.

I thought my shock levels were pretty high… but BOYYYY, I got stunned by cartoons…. Hentai allows elements of sexual fantasy to be represented in ways that would be impossible to film. Including portrayals of sexual acts which are physically impossible and unacceptable in society… such as extreme bondage, creatures with tentacles lol…. gang rape, plus every other sexual taboo known to man.

I WONT be going back for more...

You don't have to watch, obviously. For those of you that do... click here

What's Next? Phone Technology...

I opened my email this morning and got a peek into the future...
this is what I saw:
New phone concepts for 2008-2010

Nokia 888 Communicator
"Futuristic concept phone, which uses liquid batteries, speech recognition, flexible touch screen and touch sensitive body cover. Designed by Tamer Nakisci and won the Nokia Design Award."

Benq-Siemens "Snaked"
"Benq designers thought of women too and presented Snaked. This is a "reptile" looking phone, creepy somehow, but still is very cool. The Snaked is a fashion phone for sport loving women, because it also has body monitoring sensors to help the ladies keep those fine shapes."

Retroxis By Dark Label
"If most phones presented here will never be sold in store for sure, the Retroxis concept phone from Dark Label looks kinda human, and makes us hope we'll be able to get one of these one day. Designed by Lim Sze Tat the phone is encased in high polished polycarbonate renowned for its lightweight and toughness and has an invisible OLED display that silently hides away when inactive."

Benq-Siemens "The Blackbox"
"Black Box designed by Benq-Siemens uses a touch screen as its keypad and, depending on the functions you are using, the touch screen changes the control layout immediately."

"Somehow similar to the Snaked concept, the NEC Tag is a flexible phone concept that can be , for example, hung from a belt or wrapped around the user's arm. Interesting is that the phone has shape-memorizing material and sensors that allows the phone to change its shape according to the mode."

"Though the idea of a cellphone watch is not so new, the TripleWatch designed by Manon Maneenawa has an interesting triple flip technique that allows the user to transform the watch into a normal cellphone. When used as a wrist watch, the phone has a speaker button that allows the user to answer the phone and hang up while driving."

Forget a Blackberry.....I want a Snake!

(Cheers cuz)

Luck of the Irish

Happy St Patrick's Day to all the Irish ATCN readers! And all the non-Irish ATNC readers for that matter!

Tonight I'm going to be using my 1/8 Irish 'roots' to legitimise my plan to get more than a litte merry. An excuse, eh?

High Drama at the Rex

Pretty relieved that I never did make it down to Lil Wayne's gig now...Predictably enough, the shit hit the fan almost immediately and the whole thing got locked off within half an hour.

Click HERE for a blow-by-blow account (no pun intended) of what went down last night at the Stratford Rex.


So this week's record of the week comes from a cat who has just come to my attention called Theo. For a dude like me when i think of Providence Rhode Island all i think of is the Griffin family from Spooner street, but Theo is changing my perception.
FAST.Unlike other stupid ass blogs i refuse to label dude Hipster because he wears Supreme and shoes that you cant find on the Footlocker shelf but i will label him Next.

Get to know.....

Download the 85 TILL INFINITY mixtape now and see what dude's working with.

Thoughts on TV Show?

p.s did you spot the Panic at the Disco sample?

Love for Murakami

Takashi Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum from April 5th to July 13th. Excuse enough for yet another trip to NY. Murakami has been a favourite artist of mine for a long time now, I even tried to pass his style off as my own for A-Level art. BAD MOVE!

Teacher: “What’s the inspiration behind this?”
Me: “I dunno, it just came to me in a dream Miss.”

I have a couple of his books and when I finally grow up, they will make it onto the coffee table.

Thanks to Hypebeast for bringing this to my attention!

Weezy F. Baby Has Entered the Building

So Lil Wayne has made it to the UK...

After gracing Westwood's show with his presence tonight, the ATCN Man of the Moment looks set to go ahead with his scheduled gig at the Stratford Rex tomorrow.

Anyone going to this? And more importantly, anyone feel like taking me with them?!! This is definitely not one to be missed, even if the warning of armed police presence at the venue does sound slightly ominous...


For more info on the boys and other new releases check out their Blog