"Everyone Who Knew Me Before 9/11 Believes I'm Dead"

Three and a half years ago, Frank Warren handed out self-addressed postcards to strangers in his home town and asked them to post the cards back with a secret written on them. He recieved hundreds of responses. Even after he stopped handing out the postcards, Warren continued to recieve anonymous secrets from people all over the world.

I can't remember where I first read about the 'PostSecret' project (although I think I vaguely remember the submissions being published in The Guardian Weekend magazine) but watching this short film on BBC News the other week reminded me what an inspired idea it was/is.

Warren posts a selection of the secrets he receives every week on PostSecret.Com. If you have the urge to get something off your chest you can send your secret to:

Frank Warren
13345 Copper Ridge Rd
Germantown, MD

Or if that all sounds a bit long, you could always post it - anonymously or otherwise! - in the Comments section below. The perfect way to offload some emotional baggage on a Monday afternoon.



Booga said...

Ha! I love it! The zoo one was especially funny, because I remember going to the zoo for anthro, and @ the zoo's restaurant, everything had a "zany" zoo name like "gorilla burger". Ew?! They were just regular hamburgers, of course, but my friend was like "I wonder what gorilla tastes like." I wouldn't want to know, they are too human like.
Blah, blah, blah. But, yeah, big post. I just might send him a post. If anyone likes this dude, you should get familiar with Miranda July, if you aren't already.

Anonymous said...

i read my ex girlfriends emails every day for a year

i actually feel better for having 'confessed'

Anonymous said...

i shat in my grandads shed before.

what a relief.

Anonymous said...

i am naked.

- anon

Anonymous said...

i had sex with my ex-girlfriend at the back of a national express coach driving through london.

i realised another woman was watching. my ex-girlfriend didn't.

Samantha Jones said...

strange how people confess their deepest darkest secrets on a blog...

Anonymous said...

I have elaborate sexual fantasies about Vis whilst listening to his voice on 1xtra.

Anonymous said...

I hid weapons in each room of my house
in case when you come over you try and abuse me again, so I can kill you before you ruin my life again.
Thanks for being a great father.