It's Cindi Mayweather!

Do you think I care if this is anywhere else? We got nothing but LOVE for J Monae! If I could hold a decent note then my first video would look something like this...

Janelle Monae- Many Moons
Waited to long for this!

Civil rights, civil war
Hood rat, crack whore
Carefree, nightclub
Closet drunk, bathtub
Outcast, weirdo
Stepchild, freak show
Black girl, bad hair
Broad nose, cold stare
Tap shoes, Broadway
Tuxedo, holiday
Creative black, Love song
Stupid words, erased song
Gun shots, orange house
Dead man walking with a dirty mouth
Spoiled milk, stale bread
Welfare, bubonic plague
Record deal, light bulb
Keep back kid not corporate thug
Breast cancer, common cold
HIV, lost hope
Overweight, self esteem
Misfit, broken dream
Fish tank, small bowl
Closed minded, dark hold
Cybergirl, droid control
Get away now they trying to steal your soul
Microphone, one stage
Tomboy, outrage
Street fight, bloody war
Instigators, third floor
Promiscuous child, broken heart
STD, quarentine
Heroin user, coke head
Final chapter, death bed
Plastic sweat, metal skin
Metallic tears, mannequin
Carefree, night club
Closet drunk, bathtub
White house, Jim Crow
Dirty lies, my regards

Gotta love her


Anonymous said...

Behold... the future!

*William Adam said...

i do love her
how could you not
shes needs and andre 3000 collab dont ya think
even though she dones songs with outkast before id like more

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Im actually in love with her.

Shenanigan said...

So am i. Yes Homo

And I promise I wont jack her style! Even though it's so hard not too.