Big Bout Ya! - ATCN IN NYC AND J.A

Well what can I say? NY via JA. Words cannot describe the whirlwind trip that I had. BK always shows love and Marcy just feels like home.

I missed out on a perfectly good night out on my first night in NY by falling asleep in a hammock in a Brazilian bar. Then was saved the next night at a DJ Premiere party although I could barely keep my eyes open. Stopped by to see the Retro Kids and was supposed to meet Stells also wanted to swing by Talib Kweli's video shoot it was all too much. I had less than 48 hours to see everyone. I felt like Anika Rice minus the fluorescent jumpsuits.

Unfortunately with the complexities of styling a show and trying to be photographer meant I was left with only a few pictures. Ah well. While I wasn't working I was eating!

Trust me I merked everything on that table!

The Designers Ball held at Strawberry Hill. The view had my jaw on the bloody floor.


Yeah yeah I did some work...Actually I was shattered.
Sheena at just fourteen, killed the catwalk.
Watch out for this up and coming JA model...

Beach Bum

On the flip. Jamaica although with its great qualities that we all like to benefit from and all those Sandals goers who never leave their hotel, jam down is still very depressed and deprived. As Capelton said in Tour..the richer get richer and the poorer get poor. After fashion week I stayed with my Family in Marvely after living it up in New Kingston it was the harsh reality I had forgotten. I slept with one eye open and was ready to duck under my bed at any given moment. But all in all it is where my childhood memories are, it will forever be nostalgic...

Damian Marley puts it into perspective...


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You lot really are all abroad right now...bastards


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readers of this blog are thinking it, so im gon say it.

illsun and clav fuck off.

illsun go give lil wayne a hand job, you seem to love him and yourself that much.

clav get off your high horse.

as for the ladies on this blog. most of them are far too chong for reg yates not to have banged em. so how many, 1, 2 all of em??

most bloggers are butters lets be honest. im just saying, get rid of the ugly and the old.

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Anon you have just made my day!!!

I had been waiting for a little slime to come slithering on one of my blogs.

I have just laughed my 'fine' ass off!

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just the most recent post love. wasn't calling your ass fine, no ladies names were mentioned. but rank yo ass a fine if thats what YOU think.

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HAAHaaaaaa! I was Love!

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you know your doing summin when people take the time to hate!


big up anon

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luvvin the transatlantic dedication here!! makes for fun reading... anon, let the bee outta the bonnet man, dont be an e-thug!

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lol @ e thug

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I ask myself, if you don't like the blog then why are you even reading it? and even leaving comments??
Some people just want attention I guess... actually pretty sad.