Record of the Week - Tha Carter III Snippets

So while No Bizzi suns it up in Miami i'm in charge of ROTW!!!
If you have been a reader of ATCN for a while then you'll know that I have been raining praise on one Dwayne Carter all year. The Carter III is about to drop and in the next 24 hours the album is going to leak in a big way. Get ahead of the crowd by checking out snippets from the album on the right hand side of the page now.

What do you reckon?

Wayne - the messiah or a mess?

The Carter III - Classic or crap?

Sink or swim?



joshpowell said...

"Fuck a mixtape DJ" - Lil Wayne...hah, he's on that Purpacet too much!

Weezy is obviously going to go Platinum, even with his antics at the moment, but i hate to say that I think it's going to be a crap album.

Anonymous said...

sink fam sink!!!

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

I cant tell from those short arse snippets! lol

Im hoping its gonna be a classic - I like Lil' Wayne even tho that you can hear that codeine fuckin him up. Some of those beats sounded a bit cheesy though.

I have been into Cash Money since the Hot Boys Guerilla Warfare album. B.G. is a bad bwoy!

Ps. Mr.W, Guerilla Warfare reminds me of you and Siv back in the day for some reason? lol

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

From what i heard so far...

i say on the verge of drowning...

borderline sink. its difficult to say!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've comment loads in the past on how useless I think Lil Wayne is and those snippets, if they are tracks off the album do not change my mind.

How hyped up has the Carter 3 been!!

I hope it sinks....fast!!

luke aka. mr tropical said...

He is bringing some excitment and anticipation back to hip-hop, which can only be a good thing.

Having said that, he is overrated. And is going down the same road as 50. To many songs about bitches, booty's and clubs.


MR W said...

omg dels i nearly had a seizure!!! guerilla warfare was mine and syv's shit!! lmao i cant believe u remembered that !!

and u remember ruff ryders vol 1 u lent it to me and i was sooo happy i didnt wanna give it bac! ahhh the gd days!

illsun said...

Right I have the heard the full album now - thanks to DJ Semtex - Mr. Carter with Jay-Z = massive
Dr. Carter (pr. Swizz Beats) = massive
La La = rubbish
Phone Home = some codeine sipping music
definitely worth checking out far more musical than I thought it would be.

Anonymous said...

Weezy F Babbyyyy!!!

Whooo..I wanna check this mixtape out...I'm feelin that track called a millie though ...whoo thats my song der..LOL

Anonymous said...

sinking like a rock and a fat bitch.

Anonymous said...

actually no the latter would probs float. Which in reality is what this album will do. Mediocre borderline shit.

The Almanac said...

swim, all day.

I'm a big weezy fan. full damn stop.

Mr.W, you knew i was gonna say that, right? lol......

Magdi said...

SINK..... I just saw this.... i posted a comment as fast as i could...hahhaha SINK YA BASTAD....lol