Back in '99

Way before life had chores, there was...

I'm currently trying to pack a years worth of life into very big bags and return to England. 

Today I blasted TLCs fanmail, one of the first CDs I saved up to buy, then got rejected from woolworths because it was parental advisory and I was too young -  I had to send my big sister back the next day to make the purchase [all made in coins]. TLC, for me are classic, when you can state albums and not just singles - Think Oooooooh ... on The TLC Tip and CrazySexyCool. 

Lets talk the albums / artists you absolutely killed as a youth. 

My pick... 
Artist: TLC 
Album: Fanmail 
Standout Track: I'm Good At Being Bad. 
With Lyrics Like: "A good man is so hard to find. Well, actually, a hard man is so good to find"

Maybe a bit too much when I was 12 years old, but hey... I turned out ok.

Maybe you can still listen and enjoy your pick, maybe you need to hang your head in shame. Either way, we all have that stand out album with every lyric and ad-lib memorized.

Top 5 girl bands? Do TLC get a feature?


Angelicious said...

96 was to be one of the best years for music. I was 16 and bought on average 3 albums a week and funded it by selling actual mixed cassette tapes

(who remembers using sellotape to cover the holes on the cassettes to record?)

Artist: Busta Rhymes
Album:The Coming
Track: Flipmode Meets Def Squad

Artist: Pac
Album: Me Against The World
Track: Dear Mama

Artist: Fugees
Album: The Score
Track: How Many Mics

Top girl Bands in no order (this is back in the day as that's the theme and I don't really check for much current stuff)

Nuttin Nyce - can anyone say "Froggy Style"
Salt N Peppa

(yeah that's 6)

Office girl said...

Xscape killed it with the fat one and strange looking one who married TI

Anonymous said...


Jordss said...

Does anyone give Allure any love? Ive got to if only for All cried out and When the shades go down. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

back in 99...damn.i love remeniscing.99 i would have been 12and i think 2 albums were probably getting rinsed on my cd player.

Artist: Destiny's Child
Album: The Writing's On The Wall
Track: Get On The Bus (big timbaland beat)/So Good

(i remember wanting Jay-Z: Life And Times Vol.3 but it was deemed abit hard for my young ears so i got DC instead-don't regret it though i think it's thier best album and vol 3 is one of the jigga man's worst)


Album: Twice As Nice In Agia Napa(Mixed by Spoony)
Tracks: All of em'

truss-this cd is an absolute banger from when when garage wasn't so grimey.if your an old school garage fan you need this cd.i bet you can get it for like £2 now!

yeah TLC definately top 5.(remember 702)

tarns' said...

fanmail had me singing about "silly hoe's" from the age of 11, good stuff!

Anonymous said...

MR W your time


NO-BIZZI said...
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NO-BIZZI said...

mary in a baseball jersey and new era cap in an ally way!

Thats not me setting up sex scenarios thats me describing a classic moment in 90's R&B

Shenanigan said...

It has to be Y?NVee the sports bra and baggy trouser combo and gangster attitude with explicit lyrics. My aspirations of being a r'n'b singer increased when they came out... For those who know.Know.

Chocolate. Big Tune!

Samantha Jones said...

For me it's En Vogue Ft Salt N Pepa: What a man I was probably like 8 or something like but man I loved that song.
Shoop by Salt N Pepa is also up there, I was a lil' kid back in the day but I miss the 90's big time!
TLC with watrfalls and I ain't to proud to beg and not to forget CREEP!

clav said...

Good Lord, judging by all these comments I KNOW I'm getting old - TLC? Fanmail? That album came out in '99 - some new-skool shit as far as I'm concerned, I was in my mid 20s when that joint dropped! Therefore I dare not mention any names on here before I get told to get back to the "home"... lol

It's funny how every generation has their "period" of great music, ususally connected to memories of their youth/childhood so reading this blog makes me realise mine was a bit before the 90s (basically the pre-digital era)... *sigh*

Samantha Jones said...

@ Clav : Age ain't nothing but a number!

and with that I would like to add something, I forgot Aaliyah...

I loved her from the beginning and The world lost a very talented Young woman with her death.

Anonymous said...

Like Clav I am OLD!! but who cares! '92-'97 is the great era for me!! I could go on and on naming loads but;

Mary J - Whats the 411, still bump it in my tape deck (yeah I said tape deck!) at home most weeks, not a weak track on there but Changes is the track that I love!

Also Jay Z Reasonable Doubt, still remember being 15/16 and coppin' this just before I went on holiday to Spain on the coach! Yeah we used to go on family holidays to Spain by coach back in the day, and from Newcastle thats a day and a half!! I used to take 80 tapes in a back pack because I couldn't bear to leave any music at home, thank god we now have Ipods!!

Anyway again Reasonable Doubt is dope from front to back but it's Dead Presidents Part 2 all day for me!

Not sure about my top 5 female group list but SWV would be my No.1, no ones put En Vogue, they could sing!!

clav said...

I recently had the pleasure of working with Dawn Robinson - damn.... That's all I'm saying... lol

LA Trash said...

artist : eternal
album : always and forever
track : crazy

this cd was so ahead of its time imo. i still put it on now. if any 90's band should reform, it should be them. not five. or east 17.

but if they did, it wud have to include louise. fact.

Anonymous said...

Clav...get over yourself

Anonymous said...


Im only 17 so I guess this doesnt apply to me..But my sisters used to alwaaaay listen to Damage.. jeeeez, what happened to them?!!

Samantha Jones said...

OMG i know it's corny but Brandy: I wanna be down!!!

NO-BIZZI said...

donell jones - in the hood

horrice brown - one for the money!

Anonymous said...

PINK Can't take me home.Yes I know every word and yes I add my own ad-libs.

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...


I used to love that shit...
i was so young that i had a difficult time working out the sexual references in the lyrics. i remember asking my mum "what does coochie mean?"

she was disgusted. lol

I also remember banging the DEEP COVER song by Dr. Dre & snoop which was on DEEP COVER soundtrack!

The Show (Original Soundtrack) in '95 was a classic for me! please say u guys got this?