Just for Fours

So the suns out...well for five minutes (here in Grey ass LDN) and the ATCN ladies are doing their best to take over the wonderful world of Vans.

Ladies, is the lure of comfort and all round ease to wear steering you further and further away from the high pitched whistle (only women can hear) spat out by a new high heeled shiny shoe?

I'm confused.




Angelicious said...

haha. Gotta say I have to wear "smart shoes" for work and I think because I have to rather than want to, I find myself turning anti heels now.

vans, converse, nikes, whatever as soon as I get home - i'm in 'em and have now taken to wearing them to and from work too even after laughing at the city women in suits and kicks for years as i worked from home for a long time.

doesn't feel so special when I do go out and wear heels so much now :(

Anonymous said...


your all hilarious, why twist up your foot?

does it really make your legs look that much better?

Angelicious said...

I don't cram my foot into shoes for starters so my feet are far from twiss up.

and i'm sure a hot girl in a pair of 5in and sexy legs must do something for some of u guys.

Samantha Jones said...

Angelicious is so right!
What would you guys choose
A)Hot girl with heels
B)Hot girl without heels
for me I'm not that into heels I'm rather tall for a girl(5'9/1,82m), so for me to wear heels is actually ridiculous... If I wear heels I'm like a GIANT LOL

clav said...
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clav said...

@ Ms Jones - In answer to your question - I ain't fussed, just gimme the hot girl, the heels mean nothing to me but her feet better not be throwing up gang signs... Ya gets me tho!? Furthermore 5' 9" is a great height, maybe I'm biased but I love me a tall woman....

playa said...

no one wants a giant ya dig

Samantha Jones said...

HAHAHA, Clav you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

not digging Vans on chicks
especially not like the ones the models are wearing in that there picture! YUK
Cow feet

playa said...