The Evolution

She is now officially as wacked out as Michael Jackson, congrats Kim!

How did it go wrong?
Where did it go wrong?
Biggies death?
Her prison sentence?



Samantha Jones said...

Where's the picture with the purple mermaid suit, and the star covering one boob????
Diana Ross touching her boob @ the VMA's.... friggin legendary!!

She makes it hard to forget her, that in itself is an artform.

clav said...
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clav said...

Kim never did go wrong 'cos she was never "right" as far as I'm concerned.

However, love her or hate her I agree with Samantha - she is truly one unforgettable, dare I say, iconic woman, much in the way that Grace Jones was/is (now that's one SCARY lady!).

Angelicious said...

I've now found a deterrent for my nephew to come and farse up on my macbook. The close up photo of Kim was on tmy screen and he came to have a look, saw her and ran off! Muahahaha!

I don't know if she has a screw loose, because who in their right mind would do this to themselves?

NO-BIZZI said...

shes messed up but still ill!

Her verse from quiet storm or Benjamin's will shut up alot of m.c's male and female!

Thats the most important thing...right?

illsun said...


Damn she is a straight mess and I have to disagree with Biz she does have some good verses but if your career is in the public eye then being a total freak show does matter...

Anonymous said...

shes getting old and isnt as energetic...and why would a black woman want botox exactly???? thats jus greedy.

Anonymous said...


Angelicious said...

..... or her work with Jnr Maf Biz, but come on man, she scares little children!

There was nothing wrong with her to begin with, now look pon she!