Miami Heat

Please excuse my recent lack of bloggage....

Have spent the last couple of weeks holed up in the British Library in preparation for my final Uni exam, which was yesterday morning. Of course according to Sod's fucking Law, I also came down with the flu on Monday so unfortunately I haven't even had a chance to celebrate my newfound freedom by drinking tequila shots and waking up with a traffic cone in my room like any normal student. In fact, the only thing that is keeping me going right now is the fact that this time on Monday, I'll be living the good life in one of my favourite places on God's green Earth: Miami Beach, bitchessssssss!!

My Dad moved out there about four years ago now and so I haven't really been on holiday anywhere else since. It was the 'in' place to go a few years back, then the interest seemed to die down a bit, but this Summer it seems like everyone and their Nan is looking forward to indulging in a bit of Miami vice...

Any ATCN readers also planning on heading out to the Sunshine State this Summer?

Or will you be throwing up your gun fingers in Napa?
Watching the sunset at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza?
Rambling down Las Ramblas in Barcelona?
Sun-worshipping in St. Tropez?
Enjoying some 'herbal refreshments' at a cafe in 'Dam?
Sipping a frozen margarita at a block party in Brooklyn?
Or keeping it real with a bucket and spade in Brighton?

In short: Where is the holiday destination of Summer '08?


NO-BIZZI said...




The Almanac said...

i'll be in miami in july......

then napa in august... dont ask me why

Jamin said...

well done on finishin ur exams phoeb! i finished mine a week ago.. lookin forward to more uni rants come october. LOL
greece is my destination, altho i may hit chi-town for a few weeks before :-)

Tarns' said...

spring break in coon' was ALOT,
napa in july
NYC late oct
...no miami till nx yr wen im of age...pissed :(

LeeLee said...

Egypt late July...NYC late August for 2 weeks...this summer is gonna be NICE!

secret lemonade drinker said...

holiday will be in my house this year.

miami last year...nuff said.

have fun.

i'm sad...sigh.

Shenanigan said...

yes yes all the way from JA! Where me is now.. And last week I was in New York and Miami.. EEEYYEAAAH!

When I get back to London im heading up to southend on the sea the little vegas of the south. Don't knock it until you tried it!HA

One said...

@Shenanigan where in JA are you? Just got back from Negril last week , dope!!

Shenanigan said...

Im in new kingston then Im off to runaway bay and the marvelous marverly next week.

What a nice place to live...sweet jam down!

BreY said...

Payreeee...all about hitting up collete :( i hate the euro though why can't it be like the dollar

Anonymous said...

all about bognor this summer i heard.

SPECKS said...
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Samantha Jones said...

Wish I could come too but its France and Egypt this year for me.
Have fun MIAMI

Angelicious said...

I hope y'all have a great time out there i love fl.

I am not nicknamed Globe Trotter for nothing. This is my 2008 itinerary so far with more trips planned.

Feb - Jamaica
April - Oslo
May - Paris
June - Paris/TBC
July - NY/Barbados

and trying to travel again Nov/Dec. Send us some rays Shenanigan!

Anonymous said...

you sure about that?