Get Familiar

I'm going to show some things that at first glance actually made me rip out a little bit of my hair. I have a habit of screaming at things I like.

I worked out on people, it's not such a good idea.

Ashish, who I stalk on a regular. (You will probably hear me talk about him alot.) He is the only designer who's stuff will get pulled off the rail and straight to the till. Get familiar. These cherries are doing alot.

Why did McQueen bring out my dream bag in purple! The Elvie. This bag is...
Ok I have no words. Lets just enjoy the glimmer of the crocodile leather. Aghh.
It's only £1,010.00. Bargain! I am scarily trying to justify this.

Crocodile feels good under my thumbs. Get Familiar.

Louise Goldin
. Knitwear Queen. She absolutely kills winter with her cashmere knits. But for summer she has done knitted swimsuits? Completely unjustifiable. But I ain't mad at it. Forget the pool I'm rocking this to Sainsbury's

Ok, so I have a matter of months before all this is completely irrelevant and we head into autumn winter collections. Damn you fashion seasons!


Angelicious said...

an excuse for the bag - price per use. just make sure u use it with every item of clothing for the next two years hehe.

I do love that bag .......

Shenanigan said...


Anonymous said...

To pray at the alter of Ashish, just doesn't seem quite enough! I need this.. all of it!!!