Gor-Blighty got some ACTION!

So you've all heard the debate about how UK artists don't get enough exposure and most find it hard to break the rest of the world.... but I ain't talking about music this time, I'm talking about the British Independent Film.. scene.

I went along to SENI 08 on Sunday to see a screening of a film which included my mate Leon Sua (the guy that teaches me all I know about "the skill of Shaolin!")
The film is UNDERGROUND a truely British film with British cast and crew, directed, co-produced and written by the very talented Chee Keong Cheung.
Cast includes some familiar faces, such as Danny John-Jules (Blade II and Red Dwarf), Joey Ansah (Bourne Ultimatum- he's the guy fighting Matt Damon in Morocco... SICK! ), and Doctor Legg from Eastenders! To name only a few, these guys don't take anything away from the rest of the cast however, as every member seems to put in their all, blood, sweat, tears the lot!

Underground was already released in seven countries last year, including the USA, Japan and Australia, it received an Honourable Mention award for Stunts at the prestigous Accolade Film Festival in California USA, but it is still yet to be officially released here in the UK.
Apparently quite a few big name/money film corporations were interested in it, but wanted to change some elements, such as the cast, to include people like Danny Dyer... nothing against Danny Boy, but if you watch the film you'll understand there is no need! The original cast do the film more than justice, and keeping them would no doubt prove that Britain has got some amazingly talented actors/screen fighters, who just need that exposure to hit the big time. So deals fell through as the director, quite rightly, wanted to keep his OG cast.

I've found some footage, to see for yourselves..

UNDERGROUND- The official US Trailer

Mark Strange stars in and co-produced the film, this is his compilation:

Oh, hold on, it get's better...

.... and that's just a teaser, it's well worth seeing the whole thing...... thoughts anyone?


Angelicious said...

Grabs her macbook screen

noooooooo! what happens nxt!

~Niranjela~ said...

ahhhhh..... i'm not one to spoil a surprise,
you can buy the US or Japanese versions on amazon.. here's a link (trust me it's worth it!)


Angelicious said...

thank you!

Thought I was going to have to climb to the top of the Commons and demand I get to see it or jump!

NO-BIZZI said...

is it me or does this look like an 08 rip of the Van-dam Classic Bloodsport??

~Niranjela~ said...

similar story...
not as cheesy or predictable tho..