Bart Hess – Re-shaping the human silhouette

Statement about the representation of the female body?

Cat burglars are not advised to raid yards in these crepes.

Skin explosions - taking excema to another level.

Office legs - 'Meet me at the photocopier?'

Legend has it that girls in Newcastle look like this (below)...
but I wouldn't know I have never been there. I don't discriminate.

There was little info about Bart Hess online but I found an interview with him on We make money not art. Here is a section of that interview that
introduces the artist and tells all about his influences/inspiration.

"I'm Bart Hess, I graduated a year ago from the Design Academy, Eindhoven in the Man and Identity department. This department looks at finding new materials, forecasting trends in fashion and culture. I have always had a fascination with photography, painting and fashion. Some people would say that I am shy and introvert, but when you see my work it reveals an opposite personality. I think I'm not so good at storytelling with words, but rather expressing myself with stories through images and visuals."

He also works with Lucy McRae (photographer) where he creates work in 'a primitive and limitless way.' It's interesting how the artists are discovering new ways to enchance the human body through using mundane materials. Their work touches upon the themes of 'genetic manipulation' and 'beauty expression.'

What do you think? Yes? NO?


props: Lucy and Bart


DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...



Scroll the face on the mainpage of the website... magic!

its very addictive, you have been warned!

Mrs. W said...

biiiiiig post mr dels!!

cat burglars are warned hahaa!

Angelicious said...

WOW! Strong images!

I'm feeling the feet - if you pass any nail salon on a Saturday afternoon and peer in to the pedicure area, you'll understand...

NO-BIZZI said...

the toes remind me of an ex...