Really Like This Chick

And before the Admin + others jump in with your lesbian insinuations...no, I don't mean in that way. My love for Kid Sister is based on a gut feeling I have that she's the type of lady you'd meet one night and be out with the next, getting smashed on Caipirinhas, dancing on tables and generally wreaking havoc. Not quite sure how the basis for this assumption was formed, but this clip she filmed for Karmaloop TV certainly confirmed that she is very much my kinda girl:

Few other things of interest I found on the site whilst avoiding writing revision notes on the Boer War (can you blame me?!)

- Guys/actual Lesbians might like this clip, which features a few of the female Karmaloop models filming the site's new ad.

- And for my Art Heads: A two-part interview with Shepard Fairey.
For Part ONE...Click HERE
For Part TWO...Click HERE



Anonymous said...

She is FUCKING annoying

Phoebe said...

leave her alone man!! she's my imaginary best mate and i won't hear a word said against her! ;-)

side note- anyone remember that film called 'drop dead fred' from back in the day about imaginary friends?? i used to watch that every day. maybe that's how this all began...

NO-BIZZI said...

she does have a touch of the "aren't i so funny" about her though...

Be honest

Phoebe said...

ok ok..she does err on the obnoxious side... but i have to confess, I quite like that about her! at least she has a personality...right?!

(I already sense that no one is going to agree with me on this one!)

NO-BIZZI said...