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This year it was announced that black history has now become a part of the national curriculum. 2008. Wow. My mother enrolled me into a 'Saturday' school which believe it or not did not bother me. She told me 'your going to learn things that your school wont teach you. ' If I had studied it at school then I may have not obtained that wonderful F in G.C.S.E history. This was not just schooling this turned into a passion.

Being Black History Month I will be posting daily appreciation posts on black historic figures...

Just some Food For Thought


Garrett Morgan

Morgan was one of the many inventors to take their turn at inventing the traffic light. Morgan's three post traffic signal was granted in November 20 1923 it was used throughout America and the United Kingdom. He devoted his life to creating things to make people safer. He was also known for inventing the Safety Hood which was almost the same in function to the gas mask, he famously used it to save men in a collapsed tunnel. It was and still argued that Morgan was the first to develop the traffic light and the gas mask. Either way he gets...



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Booga said...

Good for your moms and good for England! I know I had to wait until college (aside from my own studies) to learn much about my history.
big up!

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Its so inspiring when you get reminded of our beautiful heritage and legacy.

We were great,
We are great,
We will be great.

AfroFaerie said...

Thanks for sharing and teaching us all about HISTORY...it maybe what, nearly another hundred years until this is on the curriculum?!!

Don't sweat the "F", you have an A* in GCSE LIFE!!!xx

Shenanigan said...

ahhh thats better

uplifitng, inspirational, intelligent comments.

Thanks Afrofarie

More to come...