The Real McCoy [CLASSIC material]

The Real McCoy. Wow. One of my favourite comedies of all time.
I remember staying up late to watch this on BBC2. My little naive eyes were
stinging and all sorts. If you're too young to remember, you missed out!!!

Classic line from this sketch:
"Nah. Nah. Leo! Leo! Ya nah wash?!"

LOLLLLLLL. Good times.

JBC News.
The Dad's Army re-dubbed part kills it!

'Dog ah Wine'




Heidi said...

Classic! Used to love this too! Remember singing the tag line 'The Reeeeeeal McCooooy'! Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

god this lame ass blog is full of old irrelevant rubbish. what is the purpose of this blog? you call yourself 'NEXT'? oh im going to find something more worthwhile to do with my time like spunk on a tree

Anonymous said...

seckle anon.

go and spunk on ur tree then.

I used to love real McCoy. big post dels! i forgot about that shit.

ur just a hater from another blog.

probably a BNTL member or something... ur killing the vibes over here maaaaaaaaaan.

why are u so angry? i dont get it. if u dont like it then piss off.

Anonymous said...

its definately a member from another blog!!!

why would anyone waste their time saying how much they like dislike something?

you keep returning and feeding the fire. but i apologise for my last comment Atcn. Im not helping! tjis is what he wants us readers to do!This anonymous hater doesnt desreve the attention he/she seeks!

oh shitttttttt said...

this used to be biiiiig! damn im old now.

Anonymous said...

my comment earlier was just a piss take with regards to the stupidity that was going on in a different post yesterday.

Shenanigan said...
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Shenanigan said...

dels love ya for this.

The dog whinning is such a bloody classic I NEVER get tired of it. Have you seen Mr Fraiser singing the reggae hits! That is too too much.

to anon...ya naaaaaaah wash, gwan go bade.



MistaJam said...

Dyam Fool man.

I have 4 series of this on tape in my loft at my parents. If only I had a VCR...

I may abuse my BBC contacts and try and get some archive DVDs.

clav said...

JBC news - absolute classic.

The Almanac said...

they should rerun this, trust me, it would have record ratings.......

Joe Bananas said...

Remember Desmond's too with Pork Pie. 6 o'clock after school viewing

MistaJam said...

Desmonds was on an 8.00 flex wasn't it? I remember having to go to bed straight after...