Great Expectations

The Kennedy - Nixon Presidential Debate of 1960 was the first ever to be televised.

Catch round II, the town hall installment of 2008s offering live tonight, at 2am uk time.

Having studied American government and politics since A-level and into my degree, I am sad enough to stay up with my dad, a cup of tea and shortbread biscuits to watch and discuss. If you're in need of your beauty sleep be sure to set the sky+ box, watching these debates in full does not compare to watching or reading the next days selected sound bites.

It's time the old man got shut down. But, forget what the polls are saying, i'm still containing excitement, McCain could still win.

A recent guardian headline...

"The World's verdict will be harsh if the US rejects the man it yearns for."




Anonymous said...

America are pretty fucked eh.

One said...

I've been catching these debates when I can and I'm glad there getting shown over here because its gives us not only the chance to find out what they have to say but also form our own opinions opposed to those that we are fed in the media, eg I'm hoping Obama wins basically because I didn't like the majority of McCains policies and I truley beileve that in appointing Obama can make a difference to the world as a whole. But in watching the debates, seeing them give speeches you realise that you don't necessarily agree with all that one man says, like I didn't agree with some of Obamas views on foreign policy.
Unfortunatley a lot of politics is based on person attacks on each other and trying to tell the public 'I'm just like you, and this is what I'm going to do for you' and a perfect example of this is Palin who is so see through!!

But I'd advise anyone to watch these debates as this choice is going to have a massive affect on us all.

clav said...

This, for me, is one of the most important posts on here in a long time because in the light of recent events I think it shows just how much the US affects the rest of the world including us here in the UK.

I totally agree with you Specks, it's too close to call at the moment even though the polls give Obama a (slight) lead, McCain is still has a very good chance of going through. That was a VERY tense debate last night!

I think that Americans are slowly coming to the realisation that the life they've always known is coming to an end, especially in the light of recent events in the financial sector in the past couple weeks, although to their credit, as a people I respect their ability to re-invent themselves when necessary. History has a real funny way of repeating itself - remember Roosevelt and the two 'New Deals' back in the '30s? No? Well do some reading! Point is, they've been here before and if their prepared to make changes they WILL bounce back.

The problem is, although much of modern America can get their heads around a black man being president (just about), there is still a large part who simply just won't have it so it's a case of rock meeting hard place - do you vote in some-one who's policies in effect mimic those of the current administration (the one who was partialy responsible for putting you in this mess) or do you take a chance on an unknown quantity whose cultural background offends some sensibilities?

We shall see but I think this one will go right down to the line... May the best man win.

Anonymous said...



stush said...

If Mccain wins,Palin will be vice president... thats a madness, I watched her debate and was in utter disbelief shes just not very bright.

lil naked boi said...

Palin is plain dumb and Biden ruined her, but Americans like her spiel. If Obama loses, America have turned their back on the rest of the world.

ich habe keine Kleidung an, weil ich die Freiheit für meine Genitalien mag

Anonymous said...

as a Londoner here in the US this is an intense time..but i'm encountering alot of espesially young people who are still open to the idea of McCain...main reason being that he has more experience...most common thought echoed is that the next president should know what it's like to ave served for their country!!!! I am amazed that many people think this but what i've generally come to realize from being here is that so many Americans have never left this country..thier idea of vacation is going to Florida...so they still don't see the international dynamics ofthis election..it's seriously frustrating trying to convince these people that their decision will ultimately affect the rest of the world....but i'll persevere

Obama/Biden 2008


'Don't be silly cover that willy'

Their is no Debate. Your bate for thinking their is a Debate. Don't be brainwashed by rehearsed scenes, for then you are playing the support act in this staged, cheorographed, masonic who'ha that is 'Politics'.

We are forever in debt, enslaved and manipulated by the same people you want to Elect. To further confuse the matter your Vote does not account for nothing. Zilch ZERO. Think about it?

Their was always going to be a Black US President, what better way to introduce him to the multi-cultural world, who are fed up with the typical White American COWBOY attitude, as a Celebrity that makes the lazy eyed sheep, you, familier with his oil covered grill before the crook even speaks. He's a Celeb, streetwear brands are even makeing paper out of his mug by slapping images of him on sweatshop produced Tshirts. What a joke, and the jokes on your mum if you belive in this tragedy. MONEY. DEBT. IS WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND. Not Politics.

Blanch_Golden_Girl said...

dont mean to be ageist because i'm 60 myself....but a 70 year old president should not be allowed.