Brooklyn to Finsbury Park!

Joell Ortiz in Finsbury Park!! What??

An official remix of the Once Upon a Time Joint.

Joell's verse is tight and I still love the record - one of my favourite UK joints of the year. Sincere, Natty and Firstman Productions - great combo.

Big Up Semtex for making it happen, not sure there is an Oscar coming though!!!

Also hold tight for ATCN favourite (...) Giggs and Joell collab coming soon I expect Semtex will have the first play on Friday night.


Anonymous said...

not sure its a BIG USA link up - does anyone care about Joell.

Business aside its a big record and the new verse is kinda nice plus the video looks good so well done

Natty looks like dude needs a scrub up though

DELS said...

BIG. Its a good look!

Gwan Sincere!

illsun said...

The thing I like about it is that Joell clearly knows what is going on and trues to include it in his verse.

16 Bar additions are 99% totally unrelated but when there is a rapper that keeps to the point of the record it makes so much more sense.

ummm said...

ATCN Can you put the dates of when these posts are posted cause I dont see them please, thanks.

The Delve said...

Joell has been putting in work. Good to see that he isnt wasting his time and committing a form of career suicide by staying within his inner city dwellings.

Smart move.


Anonymous said...

they caught London on one of the few days we have sunshine.