Le Pom Pom

Yummy winter goods that I just can't ignore, now in at Mishka.

After spending last year living in Toronto, Canada, I am with out a doubt queen of winter warming essentials... Including a rabbit fur hat that literally saved my life, [don't judge me until you have felt the force of minus 30 and a windchill that could cut your nose right off...]
My bobble hat love affair has been long and enduring since childhood. My collection is HUGE. I am acutely aware that I only have a few good years of bobble hat wear left in me though, before the day approaches whereby respectable adult wear must take over.
Le Pom Pom... would you?
Does it SINK or SWIM?
Learn how to make your own pom pom here.


Phoebe said...


DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

i was rockin le pom pom type hats last winter and i will be this winter! love em.

im going skiing again for my birthday, have to look the part on the slopes. i wont let the Italians win the race next time. im on it!

LA Trash said...

i got the tackiest pompom hat. its so tacky its hot. its like a tourist one u would get in LDN with the union jack on.