Folk Clothing

Folk is a small clothing label that has a shop on the wonderfully quirky Lambs Conduit Street and also recently opened a concession in Liberty's drool-inducing menswear department. I often pop into the store to check out their latest designs: there's something about the clean, simple lines and neutral (but not dull) colours that really appeals to me.

Folk's website describes its collections as being "...defined by a handcrafted aesthetic that creates simple staple favourites with subtle, fun and quirky detailing that allows their owner to make a statement without having to shout too loudly about it", and I tend to agree: These are the kind of clothes you would steal off your boyfriend and conveniently forget to give back.

Any other ladies out there a fan of the 'boyfriend cardigan'?
Guys, are you feeling Folk's minimal cool?

In short, does Folk clothing SINK or SWIM?

P.S. Folk is located at:

49 Lambs Conduit Street,

For more info, visit the website by clicking HERE.


johnny come lately said...

yeah i like it

CLAV said...

Loving the coat in the last pic - good looking out on this one Pheebs!

illsun said...

Yep I'm in, always room for a nice cardigan!!

illsun said...

just seen the prices

I'm back off to H&M

joe bananas said...

yeah my chicken is always nicking my cardigans off me....and shrinking them. Pissed about the j lindberg one. Anyways, gonna have to check this place out and purchase.

Anonymous said...

man im with my asian brother illsun on this one, 190 bucks for a cardigan is a sink, no denyings its beauty however. could get me some j's for that price.

nice shoes tho

Booga said...

swim. But the grey cardigan with red trim and huge black pocket (or whatever that is) sinks, just doesn't look right.
cardigans all day

Anonymous said...

black cardi with the white trim is nice.

these folks english based?

(see wat i did there?)

Anonymous said...

fuck bntl