Its the Mobo's tonight but who
will walk away with the gongs??


Dizzee Rascal
Jay Sean
Taio Cruz


Leona Lewis


Bryn Christopher
DJ Ironik


Alicia Keys
Chris Brown
Jay Z
Kanye West
Mariah Carey
Mary J Blige


Beenie Man
Busy Signal
Tarrus Riley


Courtney Pine
Guy Barker
Lizz Wright
Tony Kofi
Yolanda Brown


Kirk Franklin
Tye Tribbett


D'Banj Mo Hits Allstars
Hip Hop Pantsula
Jua Cali
Magic System


American Boy - Estelle
Dance Wiv Me - Dizzee Rascal
Lollipop - Lil' Wayne
Low -Flo Rida
Wearing My Rolex - Wiley


Chris Brown
Jay Sean


Dizzee Rascal
Jay Z
Lil' Wayne
Lupe Fiasco


Bashy - Kidulthood to Adulthood
Estelle - American Boy
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
Tinchy Stryder - Stryderman
Will.i.am - Heartbreaker


Alicia Keys - As I Am
Estelle - Shine
Leona Lewis - Spirit
Lil' Wayne - The Carter III
Usher - Here I Stand


DJ 279
Ace and Invisible
Robbo Ranx
Shortee Blitz
Steve Sutherland
Tim Westwood
Trevor Nelson


Sarah Love
Scottie B
Shortee Blitz
Steve Sutherland
Tim Westwood


Anonymous said...

Who cares? The MOFOs is played out. Kanya King hasn't got a fucking clue what she's doing, as do NONE of the staff. They wanted me on their judging panel to decide nominees and I couldn't say Hell No fast enough. In every aspect, they're merely following trends now rather than setting them. The sponsors even went from Mastercard to Western Union for fuck's sake! Bottom line: The MOBOs had potential when it first started but now it's just a piece of shit.

clav said...

@anon - Strong words, not so softly spoken.

illsun said...

what would the F stand for in MOFOs?

Ginger Kid said...

I'm gonna start a fight tonight at the MOFO's, with Illsun, just to get on the telly.

And if Ace & Vis don't win I'm bum rushing the stage Kanye style.

Anonymous said...

Westwood for the win!

Anonymous said...

heres hoping wiley, dizzee and semtex win some awards. they do nuff work repping the the UK.

Really want MIA to win coz she never gets the recognition she deserves. Her albums were major bangers with massive tunes. She should have won the mercury prize in my view. BIG UP MIA, west london all day!

Big up illsun for being a G

Anonymous said...

Be careful bigging up MIA. She is Asian (Sri Lankan) after all, and Booga (check the other post) may have a problem with her winning something!!!

Anonymous said...

lool, post of the day above. killing it

DJ B said...

right, i'll be honest. I don't care who wins any of these awards, for the simple fact that they get it wrong pretty much every year..As a DJ im checking for the DJ awards.

i'd like to see Ace & Vis win best radio DJ, they deserve it and have had every other radio award going so give the boys a damn mobo. If not them, Westwood or Rampage.

As for club DJ....as long as Steve Sutherland doesn't win it for the 478th time, i'm actually not fussed. That dude is not a good DJ, radio OR club. and it pisses me off that he f*cking wins it so often. now if kiss or 1xtra bought as many tables as Galaxy did, maybe we'd actually see a good DJ win the award....anyways, rant over..I'd like to see Scottie B win this award, he's come up from the clubs and is a sick club DJ. notable mentions to Rampage and Shortee Blitz as well...

Joe Bananas said...

I hope Duffy wins cos she's well urban. Who's presenting it this year? Someone told me it was gonna be Chris Eubank. Can't see it happening myself.

l.a. said...

sorry but i really don't get what's so good about westwood. can someone enlighten me pls!

Joe Bananas said...

Is it just me or were the Mobo's proper shit last night? Kind of embarrassing shit? Turnover and watch something else kinda shit?

akio said...

Agree. It was total shit. The first comment on this board has proved to be prophetic. Place was half empty. The hosts were wack. The presenting of each award was proper shit. And the performances were crap too (why the fuck was Craig David miming for?). It was more like some talent show for the ghetto trash rather than the classy awards show it so desperately wants to be. I was invited and couldn't even give my ticket away. Watched it for 20 minutes last night, then switched over to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm instead. Now that's entertainment!

Anonymous said...

One thing that makes me laugh is how so many people scream about supporting the u.k and the only night we have to support uk black music is shit on continuously by the hypocrites that claim to represent the scene.

the mobos havnt been around as long as the brits

the mobos dont have as much money as the brits

the mobos continue to be laughed at BUT this year the mobos made it wembely.

its getting bigger year on year and its not as slick or well done as the brits but look at the bet awards.

After years of playing second fiddle to the mtv awards it without doubt is stepping up so stop shitting on the only thing we have and encourage it.

without the mobos chipmunk, tinchy, wiley, sway and kano would never receive a nomination let alone award.

think about it

Joe Bananas said...

Yeah, but do they deserve an award? Wasn't Sway nominated for a mercury prize....which one would he prefer to win? Maybe it was a bad idea to make it to wembley....it definitely lacked a vibe due to the size of it.I understand that it doesn't have as much money as the brits but that doesn't mean it can't run smoothly. Organisation doesn't cost too much. Anyway, my favorite part was J Sean picking up an award for Lil Wayne....jokes.

One said...

At anon I agree with you from the point of view that of course its not as established or well funded as the Brits and it should be supported. of course it should be supported in the biggest night of the year when black music in the country gets major exposure but I was totally disappointed watching that last night, what I'm about to say isn't hate so don't get it twisted, I watched it from start to finish although I wasn't really enjoying it because I'm a fan of the music and I want to see it pushed forward in this country and a load of artists have made major moves this year but I felt last night was a step backwards.

- most of the winners didn't attend.Plus booing at an awards ceremony,never heard that before.

- Sway, Kano, Black Twang have all just dropped albums none of them were featured on the show. Together with Wiley, Diz, Skepta all had their best years but apart from an odd nomination not featured.

- The Sugababes were on more than anyone, what's that about!!

- Motown gets the lifetime achievement award and from their great list of artists we have one of the Surpremes closing the show.

-great that it was at wembley but it looks at though there was little atmospehere due to the crowd being on the side and the old record label crews at the tables in the centre paying little intrest to what was happening.

- Flo Rida saying the odd word while his backing track played with his whole vocal on. Never should a rapper have to perform over his recorded vocal it shows his standard of quality (poor).

- Mel B shamelessly plugging her fitness DVD.

There were more entertaining moments though.

- 80's 'singer' Sinitta claiming that she and Simon Cowell found Leona Lewis (nothing to do with a show watched and voted for by the whole country) or that Leona doesn't get recognition in the UK. No 1 hit singles and albums!!

- RUN introducing old Patrick from Eastenders, reading the autocue while having a look on his face like what on earth am I saying!

- Gael Clichy thanking everyone for inviting him to his first "premiere"

- Celebairs Chico posing for the camera as Jay Seans performance began.

Better decisions have to be made if the MOBOs are to get the recognition they deserve and not become a laughing stock!

MistaJam said...

What about the UMA's then folks?


As their nominations are based on people going online and nominating artists, are they more accurate and on point? Should we be backing this awards ceremony as everything that the MOBOs should be?

(this post is in no way sponsored by the VOTE MISTAJAM TO WIN BEST DJ AT THE UMAs)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the great points made by One! Fact is MOFOs were in a better position in their first 4-5 years than they are now or ever will be. Back then, they were new, fresh and exciting. Investors, sponsors and the corporations that could've given them not only the cash injection that was and still is so desperately needed, but also the assistance and know-how from the all important organizational standpoint wouldn't touch them with a bargepole now. Once it became evident that it's such a shabby ghetto operation, people began to wash their hands of the shit. Give it 10, 20, 30, how many years you want, it will always be shit and playing catch-up. Not even successful black businessmen and women from ANY industry are going to put their money into a sinking ship. Western Union is their best bet! Even the BBC stuck it on a stupid time on BBC3! It's over.

Anyway, one thing One missed out was how embarrassed Biz looked to be up there! Haha!

getty said...

Mistajam, the UMAs are shit too. The zoot-suit wearing Jordan Kensington needs to study business on a much higher level than he's currently done in order to succeed. Again, it's a flipping ghetto kids party with the riff-raff who have no sense of social decorum. The presenters are all Z-List (I would go further, but unfortunately there's no letter after Z) pricks. And the "award" holds no weight anywhere. If that's what you feel you need to validate your place as a presenter on a failing station, good luck to you.

MistaJam said...

Getty - why invalidate your (semi) decent argument against the UMAs by adding a personal dig at the end of it? Either you've got a point to make or you haven't...

Anonymous said...

I'm putting this up as anon as its political.. BUT the MOFO's are a joke..!

Why is it when Galazy buy 4 tables Steve Sutherland always wins but when the BBC are all over it .. surprise surpirse 2 BBC DJ's win.. with nearly the whole radio category coming from 1Xtra.

Then both Trevor & Tim thanking their bosses the BBC execs, it almost sounded like they were thanking them for fixing it for them.. Then Trevor goes on to say that the BBC is 'the only place' to work in a credit crunch or something like that as ' 'we will definatley know we're getting paid!' what a a joke.! nice one Trevor!

Then Westwood saying 'I'm the man of this town' proves that he is a senile and derranged old fool.

Then Robbo collected an award on behalf of Movado doing the gun finger as he went on stage..! WTF!? with no mention from Robbo either for recently passed Reggae legend Alton Ellis, a complete disrespect.

I mean is that what we pay license fee money for, so old men that should know better can pretend to be gangsta and act with no humility on National TV.. I was embarrassed.

On a positive note for the BBC Ace & Vis hosting backstage was great as was Reggie presenting an award, both brought some realness to the event that was badly needed.

Other things that jarred, was that guy banging on a bout Kano, Lamo or whatever .. blatantly disresepecting the whole grime scene as violent.

Is that why there were no Wiley, Chipmonk or Skpeta performances..? Instead we got the same 4 acts in different combinations and the only MC (Tinchy) coming on with Craig David. (yawn)

I love the idea of the MOFO's but it really needs to represent what happens in the UK not what the lables/media organisations want it to reflect. Maybe then artists will turn up to get their awards and it will have some credibility and not be reported as the 'Moboo's' in the press.


lord hanson said...

What about Semtex! He walks like a robot onto the stage, accepts the award on behalf of Dizzee by SHOUTING FOR THE REST OF THE TIME HE'S UP THERE!!!! I can hear you, ya one-armed fool! He went red in the face with steam coming out of his ears as the cunt was SHOUTING SO HARD!

As for Westwood, the guy is a fucking joke now. Dude is 50, yet wears shirts and tees so long that they belong at a teenage girls slumber party. "I'm the man of this town." No you're not, Timothy. You're the son of an Anglican Bishop and attended the Hewett School in Norwich, so where your accent came from still confuses us?

Anyway, agree with the above (I reckon that anon was illsun!!!) but I feel it's over for them MOFOs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hahhha some of these comments had me rolling on the floor but I do agree it was diabolical.

The dancers were horrid! what was on Mel B's Head?
Mischa Paris - No comment
Sinitta has been wearing that type weave for yeaaaaaaarss! dammn LOL

anyways what was that song craig david was singing? anyone? Thanks

Anonymous said...

It was codswallop. yagga!

morita said...

Mica Paris has a tubby gut and shouldn't be dressing like she's still 23 with that figure. Her weave is nasty too. Can't lie, I'd probably still hit it from the back, tho. Bitch has got a nice bumper.

Estelle's teeth are still far too big for her mouth. She looks like a Jamaican tomboy sometimes as well. Plus the girl can NOT sing. After one of her tracks has been mixed and mastered in the studio, it may sound half-decent, but when she performs live, she's shit. And can she stop pointing people out when she's performing?? Maybe that's to disguise and distract from her lack of ability on the mic?

More to say, but who cares, eh? It was like a school talent show with a few local celebs thrown in. My sports day awards was better organized than the fucking MOFOs.

And please can someone tell certain boys to STOP wearing shades indoors? You look like pricks (you know who you are).

Anonymous said...

Nah Hamson That anon is not Illsun.. ha ha

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't let Estelle hop on my mic...she'd rip up my foreskin with her naughty knashers. She looks like predator when he takes off his mask at the end. Her voice isn't much better than predator's either.

goldsmith said...

I went....and left. Early. Too many fat girls there. Plus the sight of all those bright yellow-and-black WESTERN UNION bags in the place put me off the cheap food that was served too. I saw the sad fucks from MTV Base near to where I was sitting as well. Sounded like a bunch of deluded cunts with their fucked-up "oh, Estelle is the BEST" piss poor pronouncements and overacting when she "won" an award that no-one gives a fuck about. MOFOs, 1xtra and MTV Base have all fallen the fuck off. I promise to never attend any of their shitty events for life! All in all, it was a disappointing evening until I left, got home and watched the football highlights.

Anonymous said...

yo mista jam! can i get a jar of strawberry? whats good? whats in season? man is loving off his jam!!