Sorry Amir ...

Poor old Amir, getting the text that he got knocked out in under a minute by the unknown(but unbeaten) Columbian Breidis Prescott, while at the Trading Places 3 party(big up Giggs) shocked me into nearly being sober. Nearly.

If you haven't seen it, watch it.

I would say thoughts, but i think all that is in need is a...




Anonymous said...

why U biggin up Giggs??? BAFFED.

Anonymous said...

u would know if u was there.
trading places was amazing, weres the pics though guys???????

Anonymous said...


northern cunt

Ginger Kid said...


Anonymous said...

this really affected me!
I have no reason why (I mean..I didnt train Amir!) But Im a huuuuge follower and i felt so bad for him- especially when he gets up after the first knock down and is stumbling about.

BTW, have you read the awful comments people have written on the youtube vids? Whats up with this racism ppl? it needs to be stopped. I mean, people accept Khan saying he's amazing and British yet when he falls they disown him.. I wasnt sure what i was more shocked by- Khans KO or the awful state this country is in...it really affects me!

M x

Anonymous said...


All true champions must experience adversity and he needed that. This loss and lesson will make him even better. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve performance the next time. I believe Amir will be back smarter, sharper, bigger, better, focused, faster and stronger.

Anonymous said...

He was fasting and I guess thats the only excuse I can offer for him.

He needed a loss to become a greater boxer.

Anonymous said...

I said he was fasting.but was he? Cus surely they wouldnt have allowed that- I mean, surely he would have to be a certain weight ect..and he would have post poned it until after Ramadan if he was fasting right?

MAWL said...

You got KNOCKED the fuck out!!!!


aka Middle Aged White Lady

aka Phoebe's mum

clav said...

MAWL? Is that a variation of MILF?

Anonymous said...

Amir Khan got FUUUUUUUUUUUUKED UPPPP!! about time too!

*William Adam said...

bound to happen sometime
i mean have you seen him hes skinny as fuck

54 secs is pretty lame as well

brazen said...

Funny!!! His first pay per view fight and he does that. Hilarious!!!

Don't believe the hype!

His entrance lasted longer than his fight!

NO-BIZZI said...


The video is ten times better if all you watch is amir khans legs

no homo

wobble wobble biyaaattcchhh

Anonymous said...

no bizzi- whats with the hating?!seriously..too many haters!

I swear everyone loved him when he was winning...

all good boxers have to take a fall-it'll make him stronger..


yeahisaidit said...

Amir Khan-t

Kish said...

This always looked like happening...real shame but hopefully he can sort it out and bounce back.

On another tip anyone see Chuck Liddell get knocked out by Rashad Evans....now that was a peach of a shot!!!!!