Viktor & Rolf @ The Barbican Gallery

I ventured down to the Viktor & Rolf exhibition last week, it's situated on the 2nd floor(they call floors units, but allow that!??!) of the Barbican Gallery in London.
If your a guy your usually going down there with a girl, but I advise you not to, apparently girls love two guy's walking around a 'high-fashion' exhibition as a pass-time. So yeah, go there and find a wife or something. It's a laugh.
Here is how the gallery describes the exhibit...
'…[A] giant doll’s house that is at the heart of our exhibition at the Barbican. The doll’s house is nine meters high and designed in a U shape, wrapping around one of the large concrete pillars present in the gallery. It is at once inspired by the famous Dutch doll’s houses of the golden age, as well as English Victorian department-store architecture. When you enter the exhibition, a serpentine trail leads you past a display of works from the first years of our brand, up to the first couture collection. Then the visitor comes face to face with the giant doll’s house. Like its 17th-century Dutch counterparts, it is built on legs. It has three stories an can be viewed from different levels…With the couture dolls having grown to human size, this show is about surreal juxtapositions. The confrontation with the life-size dolls dwarfs the spectator, pulling them into the narrative and, as such, making them a part of the exhibition. “Every garment is like a couture garment,” Horsting says of the runway looks that were remade to fit the roughly 25-inch-tall models. “Everything was scaled down — the embroideries, the prints, all the accessories.'
Go there to see the giant Doll's house, it is visually amazing.
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Anonymous said...

ginger kid are u aware u just posted a video of someone getting knocked out, and followed it up with a post about 2 gay fashion designers and there exhibition about dolls and dresses.

what a man.

Ginger Kid said...


brilliant comment anon.

Anonymous said...

"girls love two guy's walking"

dude,heads up its talking TOO..'tis a shame you are both ginger AND illiterate.

Anonymous said...

@ first comment


G.K is like an onion...can make ya cry but also has layers!


Ginger Kid said...

HAHAHA. Don't really know what that means but, thanks, sounds nice.

Oh and the person I was with wasn't ginger....what a dumb comment. Please just shut your mouth.

Viktor& Rolf& Gertrude said...

I personally loved the exhibition, altho' I got freaked out by the giant dolls after a while, but I really loved the upside down catwalk, the way the arms were swinging.Oh, can someone please buy me the 'Dream On' Coat?!