Swagger is so important

Hip hop is now selling deodorant...but its funny though isnt it?
Swagger x LL Coll J Sink or Swim?



illsun said...


the lip licking toss piece has just gone down even further in my estimation.

Booga said...

sunk like cement shoes. are times that tough L?

Kowloon said...

Cha-Ching! $$$ I can almost see the dolar signs in his eyes. Definitely sink. Old Spice? Hardly the sleekest of brands!

brazen said...

I love LL but watching that just filled me with embarrassment. CRINGE.

yeahisaidit said...

oh no he didn't.
so much wrongness. so many questions.
This is the sort of crap I would have made at school. Primary at that. Then the teacher would have told me how shite it was and I'd start again.
I am so embarassed for LL right now. I used to love him too. Bring me back my heroes and those i used to lust after.
Oh and when did he turn white? step away from the Fade Out my friend, step away.

oh the utter humanity.

Booga said...

fade out= skin bleach? yeah, L has been looking lighter and lighter, now that you mention it (so has Russell Simmons, btw.

Magdi said...

i thought that was funny as hell! he was taking the piss out of himself...

"now look at me..... Nice....." haha jokes