Jigga What?

Michael Eavis founder of Glastonbury Festival gave an interview to the Guardian yesterday regarding next years Glastonbury. And I'm gonna be honest, it disheartened me.

"Rapper Jay-Z triumphs in headline spot, but Eavis says risk too great to repeat.

Glastonbury festival will 'revisit its musical roots' next year with guitar-based bands returning to the headline slots. The move comes after the controversial decision to select the US rapper Jay-Z as the main headline act at this year's event.
Organisers are now considering Coldplay and Radiohead for next summer, bands that have delivered renowned festival performances.
The decision to abandon the experiment with more diverse headliners is likely to confound the music press, widely believed to have been won over by the rapper's show at the event. The hip-hop artist was warmly received by fans and sceptics alike yesterday. "

So what? Nothing was learnt from Jay-Z's performance at Glastonbury? That maybe Hip-Hop does deserve a place on the main-stage at Glasto? Apparently not.

Click Here for the full article.

I think next years three headliners should be Coldplay, Kanye West and Radiohead, now thats a festival that will sell-out in hours.


Ginger Kid


Anonymous said...

That's a complete load of rubbish! Basically he's blaming the fact he deicided to have "New York street poet" (what's that all about!) as his headline act for poor ticket sales! Nothing to do with that fact that the rest of his "headline" acts didn't match the calibre of Jay Z. At the end of the day does Jay Z and hip hop need Glastonbury? No they don't, Jay Z has went there proved that it can be done,and how much exposure did Jay give the mans festival,not only in the UK either,even my mam and dad tuned in to see him and they don't even like hip hop. Its a shame that the UK will never get a summer outdoor event like Rock the Bells that all us non loving guitar based group fans can enjoy.

Picky said...

cop out.

MistaJam said...

Well, there you have it. To add the cherry on top of the cake I think Michael Eavis should put Oasis on as headliner for all 3 nights.


I blame Westwood. Eavis looked scared in the video where Westwood pimped his tractor.

Anonymous said...

He can't have Oasis headling for 3 days he has to have Chris De Burgh, Leo Sayer,etc on a Sunday. You know those acts that really pull the crowds in!!

Elijah said...

1 word.


Booga said...

Did Pepsi and Bill O'Reilly have their hands in this or what? ;)

NO-BIZZI said...

what a wank stain.

I wish he had the balls to stand by his decision and do something different again next year.

Well there you have it...

Guess ATCN are gonna have to go into live events now!

Ginger Kid said...

good call biz.

fuck eavis.

Anonymous said...

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