Imperious Rex A.K.A The new spot!!

Comic fans will think I'm going geeky with this post but i assure you this isn't about Submariner. If you haven't been on-line or hit the actual shop in east London you need to get with Imperious Rex. I took Matt a.k.a Mr BNTL down there a little while back and doors were closed. whereas this week my plastic took a burning due to the fashion god smiling down on me LOL. With brands like Flying coffin, Mishka, Alien, Milkcrate, Durkl and all the other brands we struggle to find in the big smoke hanging arrogantly side by side,
I think you could call this spot a real London gem.

Hang tight super accommodating Tcee!

Big up Jude and Jason...Small world boy!

Get shopping people!

Check em out
75 Roman Road
E2 0QN



Anonymous said...


where is it???

NO-BIZZI said...

Just amended the post address is at the bottom! Enjoy

Vis said...

Reg, me and you are no longer boys as you tried to keep this spot a secret and roll down there without me!!!!! lol

Nah but seriously this shop looks IIIIIIIIILLL

I’m dere G


Agostinho said...

Stock looks a tad 'trendy' but it's a good look nonetheless.

Will check it out when i'm around.

Shenanigan said...

LOL at my boy Jude..can't beleive he allowed that photo!

NO-BIZZI said...

he didnt wanna take it