Did Jay-Z Pull It Off?

I'm listening to the performance on 1Xtra and Radio 1 and it does sound big and the audacity of the man to walk on to Wonderwall is amazing...

But what do you reckon did he kill it they way we all hoped?

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One said...

Just watched the whole performance on BBC3 and he killed it!

Nahlee said...


L.A. said...

watched it on bbc3 too, overly heavy! wish i'd been there. was nice to see beyonce enjoying herself too.


Jay-Z's set was sweet but fucking hell LUPE ROCKED!!

'Hip-Hop saved my Life.'

MR W said...

illsun u the man 4 this post!!

just finished watchin it.. he did it thats 4 sure but it went over their heads completely! they got only 4 songs out of the whole set!

NO-BIZZI said...

Did we watch the same show?

I don't think he killed it at all. He was okay and the crowd just didn't get it.

I love Jay and to see him do "A Billi" was huuuuge...it went right over their heads. It was a massive moment for hip hop, and the fact he had no guests no filler just JAY-Z killed it...shame it didn't translate as well as it could have done.

The question is: If it was Kanye headlining would it have gone down better?

illsun said...

Kanye would have done a better show

Jay worked the set a lot to get it to fit the crowd but if you think more than 1% knew Is that Yo Chick you are tripping.

Video footage of wonderwall up on the page now

yeahyeahyeah said...

i think it did go over alot of peoples heads but he did well and was definately well recieved by fans that obviously aren't fans of hip hop

BreY said...

He the best mang, he deeed it.

Miz Nats said...

He killed it! He gave a beautiful up middle finger to Noel G and all the haters! Loved how Beyonce let her hair down!

Anonymous said...

They should get Eli Porter next yeaer....

illsun said...

I didn't see it last night but the I Player coverage starts with Wiley & Hot Chip doing Wearing My Rolex - nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Kanye definitely would have got a better reaction, and more involvement from the crowd. That's not to say Jay-Z didn't pull it off, because he did. It was an alright performance. Obviously this is a Glastonbury crowd, so I wasn't expecting him to come close the Wembley performance, but it must have shut Noel up!

Lupe was great. The energy he has...!

NO-BIZZI said...

Jay smashed it with the guitar intro! F U NOEL


McNeish said...

Comming from a huge Jay-z fan like myself i have to agree with no bizzi when i say J done ok!!! I dont think it translated anywhere near as well as it could have .. and from an artistic point of view i was dissapointed!! All i could think while watching was Kanye (i.e the glow in the dark tour) visually and conceptually .. would have rammed peoples words back down their throats in a slightly more obvious way!!!

MistaJam said...
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MistaJam said...

Watched the whole thing on BBC 3 last night and then flicked over to BBC 2 to catch the start of 'The Best Bits' show hosted by Phill Jupitus & Lauren Laverne who I think represented the thoughts of your average middle class white Glazzonbrie* festival goer when they said something like (and I paraphrase) "I really enjoyed Jay-Z's set - I was pleasantly surprised - but was disappointed he didn't bring any guests out during it"

I bet if he had brought out guests people would have commented that he had to rely on them to get the crowd. For him to have gone there and rocked it for an hour straight, getting the Glazunbrry* crowd to throw the diamonds in the sky is a great achievement for a black HipHop artist. Don't forget, Jay-Z is not a 'cool to like' HipHop artist like the Beastie Boys or Eminem...but let's not get into the race chat now.

While it's nowhere near the best performance I've seen him do and know Kanye would have given Glasronbry* a better show, Jay came, saw and represented.

*Deliberate mis-spellings of Glastonbury in honour of Westwood's mis-pronunciation of the event. Classic

Elijah said...

jay-z is the best performer in hip hop by far

el.el said...

Jay Z did his thing man, not sure if the crowd fully appreciated it tho. So it remains to be seen if Hip Hop will truly be accepted at Glastonbury.

MR W said...

mistajam you are spot on! me and biz had the same discussion last nite.. if he would have brought out ppl he would have definitely been slammed!

it was a tough 1 4 jay i think he was damned if he did damned if he didnt!

Pop Lock and Drop said...

Amen to that "Damned if he did, damned if he didnt"
Sure he shut the haters up, but I feel a performance of that magnitude was wasted on a crowd like that.
Also, it was in bad taste having a bunch of caucasians screaming "Nigga what, Nigga who"
Still the king no doubt

Anonymous said...

Jay Z-ed ...Lol (English pronunciation) was so Good/ Fantastic!

Watched It On BBC3 ...& Was Prancing About All Night Singing and Rapping To All The Hits !

Did Anyone See Beyonce ?, Wow She Reppin Her Man Hardcore , she knows all the lyrics and everything...gwaan girl !! ..lol

Pop , lock and drop ...he wasnt shoutinn out nigga what , its actully "jigga what jigga who"! listen brahh listen!! LOl

Mistry said...

Jay-Z did ok!
There was a couple fans out there but i dont think people really got his humour (He has been spending much time with Rickey Gervais). But he held his own at a show where most ppl said he was gunna get bottled! Im glad he didnt have any support or any other vices to fuel the haters!

- did anyone see him on jonathan ross? - he ducked those beyonces questions with shoalin ninja technic - "this a nice set you have here" (to J.Ross) was his response to "hows thing with You and your lovely wife beyonce?"

dunhill sunglasses...sink or swim?

tel said...

I loved the way the director kept doing close ups of black people in the crowd!


How dare you do the yoyoyo bullshit and drop your trousers to jay then bumsuck will smith.


I felt sick Would he do that to Chris martin?

makes me sick

MR W said...

OMG tel!!! I said the same exact shit how dare jonathan ross keep up that bullshit!


for him 2 still be sayin homie and pullin his pants down jay was dressed like a grown man jus like will smith so why the difference in treatment!

o and ITS A SWIM on the dunhill glasses there dunce!

illsun said...

Jonathon Ross will always bow down to Will over Jay.

He's a movie fan and doesn't give a toss about music.

As for the editing on the Glasto coverage where they were picking out black people in the crowd - check the Lupe footage even more token

crikey it's 2008 people

Ollie.BIZY said...

yh that Jonathan Ross ting was a bit waste.

MistaJam said...

Like it or not Jonathan Ross represents a large part of our society who on the merest mention of HipHop screw up their fingers, grab their crotch and say something very embarrassing along the lines of "yo yo yo - me and my homies will pop a cap in yo behind"

Phill Jupitarse and Lauren Laverne did the same on BBC 2 post Jigga show...and I had to deal with shitloads of it while filming due to the fact that it was directed, produced, executive produced and on the whole written by middle aged, middle class white people with little understanding of HipHop culture.

All it usually takes is for someone to have a quiet word, explain that it's cliche, no one in HipHop actually does/says those things and they stop. On the whole, it's not malicious, just embarrassing!

NO-BIZZI said...

Im with jam...

but im not gonna lie, i actually came close to turning off wossy (who i love) due to straight up anger.

Jay is an icon, a living legend not some kid who just picked up a mic. Im getting sick of OUR heroes being shit on by the media.


Dont fall into the trap of "its funny, its a joke"....it really isnt...at all

brazen said...

I'm glad I sky+ that performance!!!

Up middle finger to all the doubters.

There was all the hype about who Jay was gonna bring out - he could have brought out a different superstar for every syllable he rapped that night but he didn't, he just did Jay.

I am so hyped to see Hova - 19th July! YEAH BOY!

ps that was so funny seeing Beyonce skanking out on the side. She was feeling that performance hard!

Phoebe said...

I love Jonathon Ross as well but that interview had me CRINGING. To speak to a musician of Jay Z's stature and influence as if he was just any other rapper was a bad call on Ross' part.

As for the Glastonbury performance, well, he did good. Not the best show of his life, but headlining Glastonbury is a tough job for any artist and he definitely held his own.

Coulda learned the words to Wonderwall properly though, eh Jay?!

l.a. said...

kayne prob would have done a better show but only because the crowd would have known and appreciated more of his songs. as much as amy winehouse is a crackhead she was right when she said that he was gonna be singing songs they wouldn't even know! a billi was the song of the set for me and song cry was big as well but they didn't look like they'd even heard of it.

he worked the crowd though. he def def pulled it off but not his best show but then again it would never have been his best show because part of what makes a performance is the atmosphere and vibe from the audience and that was kinda missing. 8/10 i'd say

glad he didn't bring any special guests cz now what he did he did by himself so no-one can say anything. at the end of the day was a big night for hip-hop and jay-z proved the critics wrong.

don't even get me started on jonathon ross. it was actually cringeworthy. the sad thing is lots off people would have watched that and laughed their heads off and thought of their one black token friend! we've got a long way to go

Magdi said...

he is a gangsta for what he did with wonderwall.. after what noel said... Screw you Noel...

i was crackin up when i saw that... and he didnt learn the words on purpose.. it was to blatantly take the piss...

Yemi said...

Jay gave a solid performance at Glastonbury. He came he saw, he conquered. He single handily resuscitated hip-hop last night. It was an occasion, an event, a spectacle - all elements I personally feel have been missing from hip-hop of late. His mere involvement in the festival is historic on so many levels. He silenced all the critics and I think that was always the most important thing. His live stage show isn't as visually spectacular as Kanye, just as a rolling stones live gig is very different to say a coldplay show - different strokes for different folks. Jay pulled it off comfortably. Clearly, ROC is still running this rap sh**

Yemi said...

oh yeah, and best quote ever goes to....

'For those that didn't get the memo my name is Jay-Z and I'm pretty fucking awesome,' Jay Z Glastonbury 2008

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...


I just got back from Glasto a few hours ago. Sorry but I think Jay killed it!!! Watching it on BBC iPlayer just didnt feel the same.

it was all about the moment.

Its the 6th time ive seen him now.
It wasnt the best show ive seen but he did well.

It may look like the crowd didnt enjoy it... but they DID! EVERYBODY was talking about how much they enjoyed his set on the way back 'home'! Its tough playing to a crowd that isnt familiar with most of your songs.

I think Jay-Z has won over a whole legion of peeps that probably would never have gone to a Jay-Z show before... but they would now.

NO-BIZZI said...

true stories



Now thats gonna be Jay at his best

Anonymous said...

The crowd "got" it. Just look at Big Pimpin', Hard Knock Life and, of course, 99 Problems to see how much they "got" it.
Arguably, at a Jay- Z concert the audience would be more into it but I think that goes for many artists at a big event like Glastonbury. You can't expect everyone to love and be totally in to one artist. They all went there to see different things.
HOWEVER, he killed it and the audience definitely "got" it.

tel said...

Sure they did mate

you were obviously watching with your "one nation under a groove" rose tinted glasses on.

get real

He wasn't wanted by the audience or the media.

He shut them up!

Twin said...

I was there;
Jay Z.

Anonymous said...

Wireless O2 Thursday - Jay-Z will be playing a show for the heads in LDN. This will be 'the one'.

Also on the night Kano, Mark Ronson & Wiley all that and no camping

Yay cant wait Hope the sunshine stays with us.

SPECKS said...

I've just got back... and i NEED to do an updated blog... shit went down at this festival that wont get aired on tv.


DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Ive got 3 tickets for Jigga on Thurs...

i might not be able to make it.
Maybe I should do an ATCN competition for them?

MistaJam said...
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MistaJam said...

@ Biz Re: Jonathan Ross

It's pure ignorance mate, you can't change it and getting upset is a waste of energy. The generation that Wossy represents don't view HipHop as a valid music form anyway AND Jay-Z is not as mainstream a success over here as someone like a Kanye or a Will Smith hence him treating him like a jibroni. Then again I wonder how his nephew the rapper Shameless feels about Uncle Jonathan's conduct.

Loose Women (yeah, I watch it AND WHAT??!!!) referred to him as Beyonce's boyfriend all week before the gig. He WAS just not as important in a mainstream world as say a Beyonce or even a Will Smith. The question is, would Wossy treat Jigga like a no mark after saturday's gig - Jay's undoubted tipping point in the UK.

Anonymous said...

I dont think that Jonathan Ross disrespected Jay-Z any more than any of his guests.. at one point he refereed to Cahrlotte Church as a 'walking alcopop' or seomthing like that.

He boys all his guests somehow. I thought it was great intreview and Jay came accross as the charming intelligent man that he is NOT a ignorant misogynist the public were probably expecting.

Jay is a grown ass man with his own mind. If he was offended by Ross he wouldn't have been praising him at the end of the interview.

It seems like some of you on this blog are acting like Jay-Z is a god like figure; false idolisation.

Obviously, he is a great man and inpsiration to many but apart from his Obama and the Bush debate when has he ever stood up and spoken out politically or socially. His lyrics are unashambly materialistic.

He is not Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X.

Anonymous said...

Gonna have to agree with anon above, Jay-Z is a big boy he can handle his own, I'm sure he has watched a few clips of Ross to know what he is about - and he knew what to expect and he played along well...let's face it, the average white person in the UK doesn't know who this Jay-z fella is, I would rather they have him on Ross repping hip-hop and the culture than fiddy-cent...Jay z came across as an articulate, learned and mild-mannered individual, which let's be honest for the average Rossy viewer is a direct contradiction of what they perceive a hip-hop 'gangsta' rapper to be like...