She gets CARRIE Fever

Its HERE PEOPLE! Its finally flippin here! I'm so excited I think my head may explode! I'm unable to see it until Friday so if any you kind folks are off to see it before then let me know your thoughts on it.. just don't give away the ending!


Angelicious said...

I cannot wait either! I believe this is the first time I actually squealed out loud like a girl too :)

NO-BIZZI said...

oh god

i wouldn't mind seeing the movie but the thought of girls throughout the cinema going "awwww" and "go carrie!!" makes me want to wait till the dvd man gets it in his big bag of illegal activity!

NO-BIZZI said...


gwan with the JAY-Z ref...am i really sad for getting that

MR W said...

no mr bizzi i would hope that all atcn readers get the jay z ref!

and u know u cant wait 2c it! i saw your face wen the trailer came on!

Angelicious said...

(did his eyes light up in sheer glee?)


I don't think the man down Walworth Road selling it in dee wee dee will do this film justice Biz

Samantha Jones said...

Highlight of my year!
I'm so sad LOL
will she marry BIG...
I'm so thrilled