Is there room?

Run The Show Video

Kat Deluna "Run The Show" ft Busta Rhymes... is this just more major label CRAP?

Kat is an old friend of mine, which far from making me biased probably makes me a little more critical of stuff like this being released. Behind the product, Kat can sing and write... convinced?
The first single 'Whine Up" ft Elephant Man did well, you can check the video here. Then there was the song and video with Omarion. Akon is on to executive produce the album re-release... eurghh!!!
The Hype is growing... Thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Personally I don't think she sounds like nothing new. Busta is getting old 2.

Anonymous said...

face like a chipmunk and busta has a pot belly and needs to give it up!


SPECKS said...

i can only laugh at face like a chipmunk. hahaaa.

maz said...

she has a nice voice...

brazen said...

Oh My God was a tuuuuuuuuune. She has talent but they have molded her into an existing product and not launched her as anything new. They can't keep teaming her up with old uns. To make an impact she gotta be with the young uns on the scene. Omarion aint upto much, he's the Usher that never grew up!

Get her teamed up with Weezy!!! Freshness!