Michael Jackson Ain't Got Nothing On Me

The title is a lyric dropped by Skepta and Wiley at 1Xtra Live in Coventry. I almost spat my drink out when I heard them say it. Sadly I wasn't at the event so had the joy of listening to it on the radio instead. Yesterday I caught up with the footage which is filtering through and the image of Wiley doing the 'Rolex Skank' is one if the funniest things I have ever seen. Skepta clearly doesn't feel a way about it - in fact he looks like he's loving it but Wiley...

Dude looks like he has smelt something bad.

Wearing My Rolex is a big record and I'm hoping it does well but the dance...

contrary to Skepta's view I don't think Soulja Boy has to worry just yet.

Full footage here - big up Twin B


NO-BIZZI said...



perfecting the looking busy behind the decks face!

Anonymous said...

omg please no. stop the dancing.

hopefully wileys gonna get off his fucking arse and do a tour now.

Anonymous said...

no chance!