Footage of Kanye West G.O.O.D Music After party

Our very OWN Ginger Kid makes Consequence Tv! Im somewhere in there too.. I'm dreading when more footage is released.. I remember at one point when Nas came on I screamed so loudly my vocal chords nearly escaped me and landed on his jumper.

P.s A proper post comin with some more pics and vids of all the folk that where there.. One Of the best nights of my life.. YES!


miss hernandez said...


FRZI said...

wish I was there...

Ginger Kid said...

I was there, as you saw.

1 foot away from Nas performing made you look.
Gave Kanye a high five.
Witnessed Mos Def, Da La Soul, Nas, Kanye, Damon Albarn, Big Sean, Consequence, Kid Cudi, Will I Am and Mr Hudson....AT ONCE ON ONE STAGE.

Best night ever.

Anonymous said...


they got some cool footage of the night

Ann Marie said...

i'm feeling that. I think my heart would have given way if I were there. I love Kanyeezy, but dude needs to comb his hair :(

Anonymous said...

you guys are living the dream lol

I wish I had your job :(

M x