Footage of Kanye West G.O.O.D Music After party

Our very OWN Ginger Kid makes Consequence Tv! Im somewhere in there too.. I'm dreading when more footage is released.. I remember at one point when Nas came on I screamed so loudly my vocal chords nearly escaped me and landed on his jumper.

P.s A proper post comin with some more pics and vids of all the folk that where there.. One Of the best nights of my life.. YES!


Anonymous said...


FRZI said...

wish I was there...

Luke GK said...

I was there, as you saw.

1 foot away from Nas performing made you look.
Gave Kanye a high five.
Witnessed Mos Def, Da La Soul, Nas, Kanye, Damon Albarn, Big Sean, Consequence, Kid Cudi, Will I Am and Mr Hudson....AT ONCE ON ONE STAGE.

Best night ever.

Anonymous said...


they got some cool footage of the night

Unknown said...

i'm feeling that. I think my heart would have given way if I were there. I love Kanyeezy, but dude needs to comb his hair :(

Anonymous said...

you guys are living the dream lol

I wish I had your job :(

M x