What’s been happening…

Yes people! It has been HEEEEEECTIC in the world of Ace and Vis this last week. We’ve had back to back meetings for the MOBOs on Wednesday (Not only are your boys nominated for BEST RADIO DJs, we’re gonna be hosting from backstage live on the night, so make sure you’re tuned in to BBC 3 on Wednesday from 9pm!!), picked up an award for our 1Xtra show at the Audio And Music Awards @ BAFTA in central London as well as getting ready for our trip out to ATL this weekend for the BET awards (don’t miss our BET special on 1Xtra next Monday – we’ll be on the red carpet and back stage and catching up with some BIG guests...).

We also had Black Twang and Akala( Who is most intelligent Rapper in the UK iv come across) listen to our 1xtra show last week to find out why. Click the pictures to listen


Amongst all the madness, I managed to find time to pass through Reggae Roast with a good friend of mine last night. She’s been telling me about the monthly event for a while now and I thought it was time I went down to see what all the fuss was about. It was a wicked vibe down there, with my boy Louis Slipperz from Task Force and the legendary David Rodigan blessing the decks – one to definitely check out www.myspace.com/reggaeroast.

The legend Louie Slipperz from Task Force

The Red Wine mashed me up big time!

What i saw before i almost passed out!

Later we popped over The Foundry to check out some of it’s latest exhibitions. There was a sick exhibition of music photography by Gaelle Beri http://www.gaelleberi.com/ , some conceptual art in the basement that I TRIED to get my head round but it just seemed like a couple of old burnt plates to me. The graff in the stairwell, however, totally killed it!

Art or Junk??


Since the glory days of Low Life Records and Big Dadda when independent urban labels were at their peak, I’ve found it hard to find many rappers from the UK that have the potential to make a big impact. But having listened to Wretch 32’s Debut album "Wretchrospective" all weekend, I think he's definitely on his way. This 16 track album is SICK to say the least. On this album wretch shows he has the talent to rap about deep dark subjects in a creative thought provoking way. If your not into the deep stuff check out tracks like " Be Cool" and " Me and You" for the clubs and the ladies. The grime fans will be pleased to know the likes of Scorcher, Chipmunk and Ghetto also feature on this album and lay down some hot verses. My favourite thing about this album is how Wretch demonstrates that he has the art of story telling on lock, and my opinion is you can’t be a great mc if you don't possess that skill. I will end this by saying I think most of Wretch's fans knew he could put together an album like this, and expected it, but can Wretch now do the unexpected on his next album and take the game somewhere else.

Watch this space for the backstage, AAA rundown of the MOBOs and BET awards from your boys Ace and Vis this week. We Love you. No Homo.



Anonymous said...

love you 2 too!!

Ginger Kid said...

More awards for Ace & Vis!
I love you guy's aswell.
No homo.

lil naked boi said...

Who doesn't love Ace & Vis?

...Squares, that's who.

I need to get some sugar from Budgens. Hope I don't get arrested for lude behaviour!

Anonymous said...

You're gonna clear up on Wednesday!! I'm gonna be tuning in!!GOOD LUCK BOYS xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ace and Vis are the only interesting thing about this blog. Pioneers of the underground. Keep doing what you're doing - it's alot!

Anonymous said...

so who from bntl is that above this week then?

NO-BIZZI said...

Lets not throw darts now please!!!

Anons with madness to start please post with your names or constructive comments or do the easy thing...

dont read the blog



lil naked boi said...

i'm gonna name my first born anon

Anonymous said...

top post. good luck at the MOBOs.

Tahi-RAH said...

That was a long post Vis! Loves it! Congrats on winning the A&V and have a blast at MOBO & in ATL.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you guys find time to sleep. I say you rush the stage troublemaker style if you dont win the MOBO.

Good luck.

Big Ron said...

Big up slipperz

REAL TALK said...

piss off and stop commenting as an anon.

we know its YOU - it alot.

Big Ron said...

I choose to comment with my google account and not anon.
Good to see your still commenting under an anonymous alias tho.
Learn to love