Leading By Example

Remember this guy?
Well cast your minds back to last summer when tracks like 'You Cant Rap' and 'So Many Roads' got mainstream play on radio and TV, and Example was being tipped by a few to be the 'next' white rapper. Well times have changed his deal with Mike Skinners 'The Beats' label was terminated, after the labels colapse and untimely demise.
Still things are looking up for Example, the most famous rapper in Fulham(after me), new deal, new album in the works and a COMPLETELY new sound. But unlike many hip-hop artists his transition to a dancier more electro sound seems more natural, and genuine.
So listen to the new stuff, get ready to rave out in your bedroom/living room/kitchen when you flick through his myspace for the new tracks. They are nuts.
Listen HERE
I like him, but do you...new material...
(PS. Ginger Kid meets Example interview coming soon...)


lil naked boi said...

Example is the sickest guy around.

lil naked boi comes to you this week wearing naught but an emerald green pettycoat made from nothing but the finest silk.

Anonymous said...

spot on with the 'genuine' comment. To many MC's jumping on the elctro band-wagon and they dont fell or know about the music, example seems like he does.

Anonymous said...

He came he saw and he kills every crowd. Seen this dooood twice or thrice times, and he kills it live.

gary pounder said...

first play of his new single tonight on zane on radio 1

Anonymous said...


Ginger Kid said...

straight sink, GIVE AN EXPLINATION! LOL.

jo said...

float...is that aloud

johnny come lately said...

float lol, nice one.

what about sink, but can breathe under water.

William Adam said...

iots all about his version of britney spears toxic
too jokes

or i dont want to

shoutout to all the fulham mandem haha

Theo said...


SClear said...

Will have to check this new stuff but really haven't rated anything he's done so far... He's pretty much marketed himself to the kids which is fair enough. He's not a very good emcee at all i.m.o. doesn't mean he can't do a good live show or be sucessful. Provisional sink but good luck to him/

johnny come lately said...

just to clear things up, i think example is sick i just thought 'float' was funny.

@ sclear: example is a heavy mc, he is a smart lyricist, his lyrics are funny alot of the time but listen and you'll realise that he's the man.

Neyull said...

Theo, listen to Bob,Jimi & Kurt.

That is a deeeeep track by Ex.

I'm not a hige fan of the gay - he comes across as an ab-so-lute cunt.
Everey time i've met him he just acts so up himself.

He isn't THAT big.

He features on the new Chase & Status album on a track too, called 'Music Club'.
It's joke.

I'm goin' for FLOAT