Quick Look - ALL CAPS

ALL CAPS is a new start up label from London. Above is a small selection from their new Indian Summer lookbook.

If you like what you see check out ALL CAPS on the world wide web and buy a garment here.

ALL CAPS - are you feeling it? Does this collection SINK or SWIM?



Anonymous said...

Photography swims at points. The collection, if you can even call it that is so weak, its untrue. I wish London labels all the best but all caps will do nothing coming with such amateur stuff. Its probably just a kid in his bedroom, so I feel bad criticizing, but I love street wear and we, aka LONDON, need better.

all caps sink and come back stronger.

Anonymous said...

that glenns crew is dope, that indian man is funny!
i wouldnt call it much of a collection but it looks like the start of something good
swim but with guidance needed for now

Anonymous said...

^^^ I Agree

Photography better than product

Matthew Schnickens said...

Thanks for posting this Specks!

Shame people aren't feeling the clothes too much thus far, but Alex is definitely gonna come back stronger.

Elle Bee said...

i really love the white AC top and the alcohol bottle graphics theme is a good idea

lookbook is really original and well thought out and photography is brilll

Anonymous said...

This is the strongest lookbook i have seen in a longtime! and i think it reelly adds to the impact of the garments before these photos i was undecided on all caps as a brand but now i think graphics mean more in context and im feeling what there doin
cant wait for the nex installment

Anonymous said...

I think specks selected the strongest pictures. If you go over to bntl and view the entire look book its far too big and its weak. You can barely see the garms in half of the shots, hahaha.

More to the point, why do they wanna promote mans holding out broken bottles like a weapon, not the best look for a city currently trying to tackle the issue of bare youth stabbings.

I gotta say sink, its nothing new and its not even executed well.

Anonymous said...


Give the dude a fucking break!

Specks is a cock...Fuck you mean sink or swim?

No need to ask silly questions just highlight the guy's stuff.

I say swim, as the dude is trying to do something positive with himself instead of jumping out your back window with a microwave in his arms.

And Nathan, shut the fuck up with images portraying the state of things right now, if thats the case we might as well write a letter to ITV protesting about the billboards they put up for the new series, Life starting soon on the channel.

It's a man clearly revealing his gun.

I hate people like you.

laura said...

I've got support for what Alex is doing, his lookbook hit my inbox this morning and I took the time to post it up and highlight his stuff.

Along with doing that, there is nothing wrong with asking the very simple question SINK or SWIM? We do it a lot here at ATCN. Its not rocket science, give your feedback, do you like it? is it shit? whats good about it? what could be improved? call people names, get wound up, whatever you like.

As you were.


Cath. said...

Bit of the subject but at Nathan... That picture is a parody on a famous photograph taken of Eazy-E. I'm sure it wasn't the intention to show the ways of living in London, it's just expressing the love one has got for a dead rapper. Same as wearing a Biggie shirt. Which I do. Rant over and out xx

Anonymous said...

what is that dick talking about? the majority of feedback has been positive. most 'negative' stuff has been constructive:

1. all caps sinks and COME BACK STRONGER.

2.THAT CLENNS CREW IS DOPE... swim but with guidance needed for now.

3.I really love the white AC top... lookbook is really original.

4. THIS IS THE STRONGEST LOOKBOOK I'VE SEEN IN A WHILE... im feeling what they're doing.

even the dude who got abusive over sink or swim answered with.

5. I say swim as the dude is trying to do something positive.

Funny how the dude with the biggest mouth calling people cocks is actually the one with the least to say about A. the look book, or B. the actual garments. YOU KNOW THE POINT OF THE ACTUAL POST.

Its very silly when people only read what they want and start shouting hater at people for offering criticism, however small.

rant the fuck over, dont call specks a cock.


Anonymous said...

maybe they would sell this stuff in sports world.. next to the nike kicks for 9.99, but anywhere respectable.. uh uh

Anonymous said...

First time is always tuff. keep pushin

Anonymous said...

Mehh.. I rate it, shame some can't draw positives from stuff.

Anonymous said...

i think some people need anger mangement classes. Cock? For writing sink or swim. HA haaaa.

Anonymous said...

Shit like this pisses me off...
when will people realise that anyone can't just start a fucking street wear brand. the graphics are DEAD. The shots are weak... I understand you prob had NO budget for it but coommee ooonnn man.

There are a handful of brands from the uk that are actually doing a decent job... losers like this ain't helping no one.

hahahaaa @ ''collection''


Anonymous said...

Theese guys look like they where inspired by MF DOOM. But if they was going to do something in that direction at least make it official like with him wearing the clothes or something.or have his music on the site. But yerh Big up to them.