Imagine. BBC x JAY Z

Jay - Z occupied a full hour of BBC one time last night. Did you tune in? Are you disappointed or pleased with this beeb offering? Alan Yentob, the old dude with grey hair, was granted exclusive access to Jay and his family over a 6 month period. The results are worthwhile viewing in places for anyone interested in this iconic figure.

To catch up and watch in full hit the BBC iPlayer.
'Imagine: Jay - Z: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered', right HERE.
Not yet available to viewers outside of the UK... hold tight for the youtube offering.



Luke GK said...

When the show started with Yentob saying, "If you havent heard of rap before, this is the one guy you need to know about, Jay-Z"

The IF said alot.

It was good in places though, and an hour on BBC1 for Jigga was nice to see. But BBC step your game up.

laura said...

6 separate times during 4 years at university have people told me i'm the first black person they've ever really spoken to. these home county kids are crazy... imagine the parents!!!

Trust that a lot of bbc viewers would not have been exposed to Jay before.

Last time Jay hooked up with the BBC on Jonathan Ross... well we all know how that turned out, and my respect levels for Ross decreased dramatically.

All in all, Yentob did an OK job... that it was for the BBC and BBC viewers makes all the difference.

Anonymous said...

REAL TALK SPECKSSSS. you've got to imagine this as a viewer and it being the first time ever being exposed to Jay or hip hop culture. If we were to pick an ambassador to fly our flag its got to lie with Jigga.

He's the leader of the pack and there was a nice balance last night, he came off incredibly smart, at times incredibly indulgent, but mostly he came off as HIP HOP.

Unlike on Jonathan bitch man Ross the gangster narrative was put into historical context and wasn't a piss take out of the black male.

GK you come across like a bit of a try hard. No offense bro. What would you have liked to see last night?

The Almanac said...

i think it was a good look...

where would you ever have seen someone of yentob's generation interview someone like jay z, and give his opinions?


You have to give the BBC credit for doing this show.

Also the back stage footage gave a nice perspective. Even as a hip-hop fan, i dont get to see jay z and will smith in the same place like that... or jay and diddy back stage chilling......

Luke GK said...

None taken! A try hard that couldnt be further away from the truth though. I'm a guy that doesnt really care about alot of things. Shame really.

But back to the documentary, this is 2008. The show treated us like we were idiots, as if you have never heard of rap before, we all have heard of rap, even if you have never seen a black person before! Chances are you have an Eminem, 50 or Jay album. Check the sales figures!

However you guys are right in the fact that there were good points about it, it wasn't a total dissapointment. Just when you care about something, and feel it isn't being done justice it pisses you off.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, this kid really isn't getting the point. So you felt like the show was treating you like an idiot because YOU are so well versed in hip hop culture, that it was nothing new to YOU. Yeah it wasn't to me either. Well sorry to break it to your white ass, that is not the case for a lot of folk. Give a better example of a hip hop documentary going out on a mainstream channel thats done your beloved hip hop justice. Go on...

If you could step out of your own shoes and perspective you'd see that the UK is still a very divided place. Didn't you know.

well done for the BBC taking it there with some sincerity.

end of

Luke GK said...

Shut up you silly cunt.

You actually have a very good point, and probably a better point then me. But you brang out the race card and tried to make me look like a posh white boy that has no clue about Hip-Hop. This isn't the case.

In short:

The wouldnt make a show like this about Madonna.

But I enjoyed it.

I'm finished now.

Anonymous said...

Total misquote in the first comment from ginger kid. Below is the correct introduction, which has entirely different connotations.

"meet hip hop superstar Jay-Z... if there is one rapper you need to know about its him..."

Anonymous said...

typical Ginger kid can't handle crit or conversation what a twat.

His point is retarded would they do an introductory piece to Madonna - no she's been a part of mainstream culture for 20 years.

One rapper that doesn't sell many albums in the UK (FACT... check the figures) getting an hour on BBC 1 is a great look.

The BBC 1 demographic for that time slot is about 45 meaning they haven't regularly bought albums since before Reasonable Doubt.

The BBC are taking a slating and I have no doubt in mind that in 5 years it will be gone and you can forget it if you think channel 5 will be making these type of shows

Anonymous said...

GK you silly puppy. there has been SO MANY similar documentaries about Madonna.

Unknown said...

Yentob did an Eminem one a few years ago that was great just because of the access, then he mangled the end of the show so they could show footage of him introducing his kids to Em who was totally uninterested

I'm gonna catch this on the iplayer though

Luke GK said...

I like this...

'If there is one rapper you need to know about its him'



God it's looking bad for old man Yentob.

Anonymous said...

You really don't understand the subtleties of language.

"If there is one rapper..." does not mean "There is only one rapper."

Yentob is making the point that in terms of superstars Jay is the number one and for mainstream audience I think that is a fair comment

Anonymous said...

Ginger Kid continues to make himself look more and more stupid. He really comes across as not only ignorant but incredibly arrogant. Get an education and stop feeling like Yentob has done an injustice to you or hip hop.

Yentob's introduction was fair enough. What does that silly fool GK not get? Is he confused, does he think he tuned into BET whereby an introduction to Jay Z is not needed.

I have to back Yentob. For the mainstream, if there is one rapper you need to know about its Jay Z. Simple as.

Anonymous said...


Nice little argument going here. Except anon's seem to be getting angry while ginge rkid is just having a laugh. You guys are playing into his hands.

PS. Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 cent and Kanye West are more well known to the mainstream then Jay-Z.

Luke GK said...

I have watched it again, and you guys are right with most of your points.

But I still think Hip-hop should be given this platform more regularly, and the show may have been a bit to dumbed down in places.

But again having watched it again, I think it was a nicely put together piece, and done the job of telling middle england a bit more about Jigga.

Anonymous said...

"But back to the documentary, this is 2008. The show treated us like we were idiots, as if you have never heard of rap before, we all have heard of rap, even if you have never seen a black person before! "

GK,first off I love your ethusiam, you write with finnese and talent (though you loose points with me for using the c-word,not on). You make some great points but I actually like the fact he was trying to appeal to a cross-audience.
Sure, for people of our age it seemed like he was waisting time with obvioius information but if you were a 50+ if he had 'dove straight in' then they would've switched off. If he did a profile on a french avant-garde goth rock band I hope sure as hell he would precursor the show with some background info!.
That said I can't help but agree that Yentob was on auto-pilot throughout he had zero-charisma. But it was intresting to hear jay talk about his love of art.
That said I'm not even the biggest jay fan..all about common for me!.

Anonymous said...

...me either Jay is just okay

Anonymous said...

The BBC and all within it suck.

Fuck those middle class out of touch out of date fucktards.

Nobody cares

Anonymous said...

"Fuck those middle class out of touch out of date fucktards.

Nobody cares"

You should take up debating mate, you are clearly well read. You should've done the interview with jay in a manner that would'nt alientate forms of audience, what a success that would've been.

Anonymous said...

specks..what did jono ross do that made u loose ur respect in him? (I missed that ep!)
and guuys..woooh whats with the hating..?

Ginger Kid has a point here...its tru that it was a bit like an idiots guide..if hip hop WAS on the same level as some 'pop' artists (take britney for example) its not like Jay is an underground star..its JAY Z...everyone and their dog knows who he is...

but yeah..i found the programme real good..i didnt know that much about his background...ps..was that beyonce in the waiting bit for glastobury?

M x