Mrs. officer / Comfortable

Sink or Swim?
oh yeah, and the lip piercing????


clav said...

Personally I say swim, especially "Comfortable" - Raphael's production feels so good musically it hurts me.

I'm not a huge fan of Weezy in general but I can definitely get with this.

Booga said...

Lip piercing- umm NO. But really, could it get much worse? I swear all the teens and tweens talking about Lil Wayne being "hot", "sexy" or "cute" are on crack. He clearly got beat with the ugly stick.
Bobby Valentino was a singer I hoped had gone away. I hate his singing and hate his lyrics even more.
So I give it an incredibly emphatic SINK.

but then again I only got about :50 into it, perhaps it magically got better.

Roc money said...

This is CRAP!

I can't believe this si the same guy that dropped Carter II and Dedication II with Drama a few years ago.

This is proof that jumping on everyone and their mother, brother, aunt, cat, dog, goldfish, chihuahua and pet ferret's album causes severe burnout!

What the fuck?! Dude had potential too...Now, I'm not so sure.

I'm still trying to figure out how he sold as much as he did with this shit on a stick album.

And the video, Jesus H Christ! Not even, by a little bit, trying to break new ground.

I'm about done with hip hop, man.

Kanye and them are the only ones holding me in...Even Kanye is getting a tad stale with all these vocoda voice singing.

Someone give Elzhi, Drake, Curren$y a damn deal...They are looking like the Saviors right now!

Roc money said...

P.S - Ghost >>>>> Your mother's favourite rapper's favourite rapper.

cleen said...

@ clav- didnt kanye produce comfortable? is Raphael stuff sampled on it?

Bobby v- not the best singer ....but he got better looking, must hav lost weight or something.

Lil wayne shouldnt do sexy stuff on camera. it looks WRONG!! maybe cos of the skinnyness

clav said...

@ cleen - I stand corrected. Hats off but I'd say Babyface definitely had some involvement in it's creation, I think it's more than likely a track 'Ye either sampled or had replayed.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Valentino's crooning makes this track a memorable and beautiful little ditty. Plus, Wayne's line about 'Fuck the Police' was funny! Nice peaceful tune.