The Bells Fall Virtually Silent

Rock the Bells UK is down to a fraction of what was promised. It was already a pale imitation of what went down in the States. Now it's even worse first of all Manchester and Birmingham are 'postponed' until March 2008 and then on top of that the London date doesn't feature De La or Mos Def. Instead we are down to just Nas, EPMD and Pharcyde. Don't get me wrong they can all rock a crowd but it's not what we had hoped for by a long stretch.

So I guess we wait for the the full scale tour in March and hope they come through and smack it out of the park. The US tour was sick in a serious way and who knows by March maybe Phife will be better and we'll see ATCQ in the UK come '09


Anonymous said...

That's a damn shame...

anyone know how ticket sales were?

Anonymous said...

yep yep
I'm going tonight in Amsterdammmm
can't wait!