Not quite a pair of Gator's

The sun is out in London town (if only for five minutes) and yes, the sun worshipers are getting excited. So much so one of my most hated items of footwear are once again EVERYWHERE! I hate Crocs with a passion and anyone over five who owns a pair needs to have a word with themselves. Yes this is a rant, but being on a school run, nipping out to the shops or wearing them poolside are all lame excuses for these monstrosities!

Too much?

Props: mom grind



william adam said...

Im with you on this one
but i wouldnt even allow my niece to wear them
there a disgustingly ugly excuse for a shoe
and come in these really bright colours so everyone knows your wearing them
but the question i ask is

FRZI said...

too true...I hate crocs for over 5's !!!

Anonymous said...

my mums a nurse and she wear em...to work...she has orange ones and has even bought those and one bits you put through the holes

NO-BIZZI said...

Orange ones???!!

heaven help her

Anonymous said...

all her mates on the ward are wearing them

what can you do?

myriam x

Anonymous said...

Ok. So i hate these.
I mean, REALLY hate them.
i thought i couldn't them any more.
That was until i was in Malta recently and saw 'personalised Crocs'.
Maybe i am late on this? but it is absolutely disgusting.
little stupid pins you put through your crocs.

the DZL

yeahisaidit said...

Crocs offend me.

I have begun my own one-woman crocs amnesty whereby I accept crocs and in return give you directions to Carnaby Street, where decent shoes can be purchased in exchange for english pounds.

Anonymous said...

Yeahisaidit-Why dont you blog ? Your funnier than half of these sites out there
Gash power.

A Book said...

I am so ashamed to admit this but I actually OWN a pair, bought with my own deniro...not the clogs version though. Lord strike me down if i ever...I have a pair of flipflops which are orange and blue and are unbelievably comfortable...

BUT comfort has its limits and are only worn in the comforts on my own home. I SWEAR! :S

lil naked boi said...

i don't wear crocs, but as i've said before it's not a fashion thing.

johnny come lately said...

are they made from crocodile?

Vered said...

Thank you for the link. :)

You already know that I hate Crocs and would never wear them.

However my kids are 6 and 8 and do wear them. I hate the look, especially on the 8 year old, but I pick my battles... and this one is just not worth it.


yeahisaidit said...

thank you anon.

i'm not sure i could actually make a blog of any interest, but if I change my mind, i will most certainly call it Gash Power.

@ a book- so let's get this straight, you are now co- in charge of We Wore What. As in the fashion-savvy little sibling of this blog. I've had a look, it's cool and you obviously know your stuff. Yet you confess to having willingly purchased a pair of Crocs. This is confusing information.

A Book said...

@ yeahisaid it

the irony is exactly why i commented but lets not get it twisted..i agree

unfortunalte however much untrue they are to form, the damn basturds definately are true to function...

so on that note lemme reiterate for your peace of mind that these are worn only IN HOUSE for the above reasons alone

you can breathe now lol x

maz said...

i hate these shoes with a passion. while semi-cuter on children's feet under the age of 5, they're still hideous. i find myself always saying "damn, those shoes are ugly".

colinhu said...

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