LDN by Night

Jason Hawkes specializes in aerial photography. Peep his take of London by night.

It pains me to admit that the Emirates Stadium is absolutely beautiful.

I love these shots. If only I had a helicopter...



p.s where my Northern folk at?



brazen said...

my favourite is the roundabout

'go round another circle and it's free'

Anonymous said...

I remember, specks is from Birmingham. HAHAHAAAA. what a joke.

london all day.

illsun said...

you can tell she is northern she went with LND rather than LDN

if you look at the Emirates to the right is a road that looks like a Y shape - thats my street!!!!

SPECKS said...

haha wow that was quite an impressive typo.... what can i say, nobody should even be blogging at 1.30am, thats what happens.

quite sad really.

Northern was a dig at you horrible londoners anyway. the people who think anywhere remotely outside of the great city counts as northern.

illsun im sending somebody up that Y shape road tonight, your teapot is going to suffer.

illsun said...

Leave my teapot out of this... push me and I will come for your first born.

I'm militant today

in fact if you come near me its a good time to cross the street

arrrrrggggghhhhhh I'll crack your skull pow pow

Anonymous said...

Islington rudeboy. go for her and i will go for you. HARD.

knock you out AKA take your girl AKA specks wants it

so im gonna give it to her, uh she wants it.

Enjoy your afternoon now people.

SPECKS said...

no thank you.

and illsun is my boy, even when militant he still manages to be one of the nicest guys i know.

Anonymous said...

i hate it when londoners ask me where in the north im from! im like im from the midlands fool... they really think london is the only city in the country.

Ginger Kid said...

Stupid northeners.
Even north london is to far up north for me. Smelly ass islington.

Beautiful pictures.

yeahisaidit said...

really like these pics- London at night is so pretty.

i love north london and i love north england and i love the emirates.

north is good.

bad things sink to the bottom, good things rise to the top.

so take that back GK, there is nothing smelly about islington (except Morrisons in Holloway or the Wetherspoons at Highbury Corner)