Hit me on my Blackberry

Bold arrives on monday biyatchhhh!




Ginger Kid said...

Allow Blackberrys.

When im on the tube i feel like smacking everyones blackberry out of there hand. Always on there blackberry, its kinda sad.

I will probably get one soon. Thats the sad thing. But until then I will stay strong and soilder on without one.

bafic said...

Everyones getting it now im gonna waite till my contract ends then get it but
pssst go one step further!


Lisha Boothman said...

I so need the bold in my life.. fed up with the pearl!
What network are you getting it on?
Still waiting for it to come out on T-mobile or o2!

clav said...

I refuse to back them. I refuse.

iPhone til I die!!!!!!!!!

*William Adam said...

its out monday!!
wtf i've got no money for that
it better not sell out like the iphone

Anonymous said...

your source?!

Ginger Kid said...

we are the source.

NO-BIZZI said...



anonymous again said...

ahhh, you arse!

NO-BIZZI said...

don't hate congratulate biyatchhhh

SPECKS said...

its monday biz...

and i dont know how many times i need to tell you that i accept donations.

sienna said...

meh, its too big!
i prefer my girlie pearl, what does the bold actually do thats new ,special, or exciting... besides it being the next installment?? educate me please!!

oh and GK, you will understand when you join the club, its not nicknamed crackberry for nothing. i forgive your ignorance. you'll join the circle soon enough, then eat your comments down like a sunday grub!

clav, iPhones are a fad, they just about look good, im not convinced by them, blackberrys mean business... get to know ASAP!

biz. i think you should share your pin with us all... for marketing purposes ofcourse... lol, thanks!

MR W said...

lmao at share ur pin!!!!!!!!!! pahahaha he's still recovering from certain ppl knowing his pin!

gk my berry does not leave my hand i know im sad!

the bold is beautiful i shall be obtaining one this week!