TI, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & Kanye West - Swagger Like Us

This dropped a few days back and I have listened to it 5 times in a row and I'm still in the same place...

This record is poor.

It's a mess

It's jarring

Am I about to eat my words??
Have a listen here and tell me what you think

Sink Or Swim Tribers??


Alecx said...

I agree.

When it was leaked there were a lot of people going (a little) crazy about this track. It's alright I guess and this usually never gets to me, but artists need to take a break with autotuning.

william adam said...

this is dry
T.I the only one who sounded decent
and i think its fair to say the Lil Waynes "jump On a beat" streak is over
first official girl and now this them lyrics were poor

Anonymous said...

you lot are fuckin' crazy! the tune is dope as hell. the problem is peoples expectations are way to high. music has become so easily accessiple and so disposable you don't appreciate a good tune when it comes along.

Stop moaning man!

Alecx said...

To the anon... Not even true. T.I. & Jay did their bit on the track but Kanye & Wayne??

Nice sampling and all but like Illsun said, it's jarring.

I'd say it's the best leak of Paper Trail so far though.

illsun said...

surely if music is so accessible that would also lower our expectations as we would hear so much average music.

The tune is poor - put this next to TI ft Swizz - Swing Your Rag there is no comparison.

Not the sum of its parts by any stretch of the imagination.

There is only one supergroup worth watching


Anonymous said...

But this tune isn't about a super group. It's a bunch of rappers jumpin on one track.

What i meant by music being accessible is that people don't appreciate it as they once used to. We used to hear a tune and be on it for days, weeks, months - not it's hot till the next tune drops about an hour later. Same with albums. An album is hot for like a day, before the next big one is leaked. The NaS album was all the rage for what, a week? Who's talkin about that album now?

The tune is no way the best hip hop tune ever - but to call it jarrin or whack is just crazy. It's a dope tune regardless if it's 'the best' or not.

CRS are of course the ones to watch, but you can't really compare this tune to those dudes!


illsun said...

Nah not having it.

Been listening to hip hop since vinyl days when you had to wait for mail order deliveries to come in.

The same thing was true then as is true now. After the hype is the tune any good? I won't be coming back to Swagger Like Us in 6 months time. It's a nothing record. I'm hoping the TI album has some joints on it - I still bang Good Life from King.

and for the record I'm still playing the Nas album and this week my favourite track is Queens Get the Money

Anonymous said...

Yea but not every song has to be historic, out of this world or classic! This is just a joint with some dope MC's on! LOL! It's meant to be fun and something to get ppl talking. Music doesn't have to be so serious, it can be just fun and I think this is what this joint is - a bit of fun?!

I never meant no one is listening to the NaS album right now, i was just saying these days albums, songs, artists come and go with such ease because there are so many!

We ain't gon' agree - but thats the beauty I guess! haha!

NO-BIZZI said...

Im sorry but i actually like it

"Cant wear Skinny Jeans cos the Knots too big"


"You can pay for school but you cant buy class"


Cleen said...

sample from M.I.A Paper planes?

Looks like she's doing the rounds, well done

Love Paper Planes......This song?

Jury's out, B!

The beat is serious but the rappers on this?, I dont know man. Should have put Lupe or Pharrell on it.

Actually Jury's back in. I dont like it, classic case of too many chefs...

....And please stop the T-Painish thingy....PLEASE!

Bizzi, ur right about those lyrics tho, sumthin else

Andrew Hughes said...

Reggie dont be dumb man when you can sample a track and add synths around it like that call me but for the meantime the production is quite sophisticated you dont hear a drum pattern like that every day that 808 drum just makes the beat crack scene

Anonymous said...

if you are going to call somebody dumb, at least get the right person.